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“The best store in the bay area. Excellent service and recommendations!! Super cool experiences. We went in and the vibe is very relaxing, the staff is super attentive and everything we asked we got great insights. The decorations are really cool and the location of the store is centric. I really recommend you try out everything they have to offer plus you can try everything in a 30-minute window.
I will definitely be going back soon.”

- JIMMYGB 11/12/18 (Sticky Guide)

"Bloom Room is a community dispensary who’s focus is not only on showcasing the best products available, but also on creating a friendly, clean, and diverse space that all feel welcome. Thank you to BR for all you do for the cannabis industry as well as the Bay Area community as a whole!"

- Ben G 8/22/18 (Facebook)

"Great shop in Soma! If you work in the area check them out. I got some Kiwi Strawberry and still had time to smoke a bowl and eat before going back to the office."

- Ryan F 8/3/2018 (Google)

"When I went in there they made me feel like I was in a fancy restaurant. I walked in, they asked me what I wanted, and every step of the way they catered to my every need. I have anxiety, so I had to have an indica strain. They pointed out a couple of options and I promptly paid for my medicine. I really enjoyed the music and aroma of the shop, like a weed coffee shop. I recommend going for not only their quality strains, but their fantastic deals and promotions. Keep on blazing it."

- Hunter M 3/22/18 (Google)

"Everyone is always friendly and they usually have $25 dollar fire eights! I live in daly city and drive all the way to SF because they're consistent with providing the best customer service! Will definitely recommend!"

- CF M 9/20/2017

"If you looking for excellent quality bud and somewhere to medicate on-site then this is definitely the place! Incredible atmosphere and staff...guaranteed not to disappoint!!"

- Kenny E. 9/12/17 (Yelp)

"Bloom Room was my very first dispensary experience and with all the nervousness that comes with that, the people at Bloom Room truly put my mind at ease.

I have chronic back pain (sciatica) and I only got my MMJ Rec after an exceptionally terrible flare up. I was told CBD treatment would help, but I had NO knowledge of how to go about this. The employees at Bloom Room made me feel so comfortable about all this and gave me all the knowledge I needed to make the best treatment choices. I am so grateful I walked in here first!"

- Lucien M. 8/29/17 (Google+)

"I've been coming to Bloom Room for about a year now and it is my go to cannabis collective. I've visited others and have experienced anywhere from an apathetic to elitist vibe. Bloom Room is always friendly, I've never experienced or observed any negativity amongst the staff.

Reasons why I like them over others I have visited in the city:

-Clean and inviting environment with high ceilings, plants and local art
-Easy online ordering and pickup system
-Flowers are always top shelf, including the ones on special
-Always specials and discounts on any given day
-Wide selection of edibles, tinctures, and CBD products
-Very nice people at the door and the counter who don't seem annoyed to be at work

If you are a medical cannbis patient then totally stop by here!"

-Travis B. 6/16/17 (Yelp)

"Great place to medicate! Excellent customer service and quality buds, absolutely love the atmosphere of Bloom Room. Definitely would recommend stopping by the use their lounge and the volcano vaporizers. Excellent place!"

-Andrew P. 10/12/16 (Yelp)

"This place is by far my favorite club in the bay. They have a great selection of buds from many different strain families. Many other clubs in sf are stuck on OG genetics, which can be good don't get me wrong, I just like variety and Bloom Room most definitely has that. Most clubs have 1 or 2 strains that stand out as high quality, not this place. Bloom Room always has at least 10 strains to choose from with high test results, their buds are sticky with healthy trichomes and have great taste and smell. Nothing but great experiences here."

-Kaleb415 6/16/16 (WeedMaps)

"Great Dispensary, quality meds, and awesome staff!
The place is always clean and up-kept; greeting from the staff is always warm (and everyone is always very knowledgeable and informative). Needless to say, they are known for having some of the best medicine/flowers in town. I am into their high quality top shelf products. Last time I was in, a Chiropractor was offering a free promotional session; which I gladly took advantage of. Man, that was the best adjustment I had in my life. Gene was the man, and hooked it up. I would recommend his services as well.After the session, I took a dab and I was cloud niznine! 10 of 10 times, I feel better leaving this place than when I walked in!!"

-Nader P. 1/18/16 (Yelp)

“Convenient, takes cards, excellent quality, awesome exclusive strains, and cute little place to put a smile on your face~”

-Carwallaby 12/19/15 (Leafly)

"Was a new patient to this facility and was happy with all elements of my first experience. They took the time to show me around and made me feel very comfortable going at my own pace with meeting medicine needs. Excellent consumer service/ volcanos on site/ and really greats medicine. I'll be back for sure."

-Raquel F. 9/30/15 (Yelp)

"I'm so glad Bloom Room offers more than just cannabis. Workshops on baking edibles, painting, massages and demos of the products they carry. The staff is very helpful and knows about their menu. I gone into other dispensaries and the bud tenders don't know what is in stock. Don't know what benefits I could get. Certain strains work better for my problems. I also like the advice they give saying something might work better than what I’m getting. They also have a vapor lounge you can use. I hate going to a dispensary where I can't try there menu. The lounge gives me a chance to relax, medicate, and get refocused on what I need to do next. Thanks again Bloom Room."

-Bigg Redd 9/25/15 (Sticky Guide)

"This place has it all and is so convenient! From the moment you start at the door and register to be a member, you are greeted by a slew of friendly, helpful staff who are more than happy to answer questions and help. There's always a deal or something special going on there, it seems, and the small vape lounge in the corner can't be beat. There's a bunch of great artwork up and the place is very clean and modern-looking. The flowers are all top-quality, though I can't say enough about the Ambrosia, and it really is convenient to be able to get a couple different grams, try them out at the lounge, and then decide what to get more of. The first day I was there, there were free samples being given out by reps from Kiva and the Giants game was on in the corner - perfection!"

-Schlaute 7/5/15 (StickyGuide)

"HANDS DOWN THE BEST CANNABIS CLINIC IN ALL OF SF!! All the employees are super nice and great knowledge on the selections. Great vaporizer and an awesome place to hang out watching national geographic! GO BLOOMROOM!!"

-Medhi C. 11/8/13