Serving our Community

Bloom Room embraces the will of the people, and we hope to stand as proof that a professional cannabis collective is not just good for the health of its members, but for the community in which it serves. As a Collective, we offer Free Services to our Members like Free Massage, Chiropractic, Cannabis Workshops, Product Demonstrations, Volunteer Opportunities and more - all available at our Dispensary location in downtown San Francisco.

Bloom Room works to positively affect our community by offering several monthly Volunteer Service Opportunities. We also support our local Artists by holding monthly Art Demonstrations at our Collective and hosting local artists in our gallery on a bi-monthly basis.

community calendar

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Product Demonstrations_BRITE_0822-01.png
Product Demonstrations_PLUS_0824-01.png
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member services

Bloom Massage

Members of the Bloom Room Collective are encouraged to take advantage of our Free 15-Minute Chair Massage which is offered every week. The service is offered discretely in our private Member Services room right here at our Collective. The massage is performed by our experienced, talented and licensed masseuse, who is also a member of our Collective. Our masseuse can custom tailer a massage to your particular needs.

Art Demonstrations

Bloom Room recognizes the assimilation between health and artistic expression and therefore, offers a monthly Art Demonstration at the Collective. The demonstration may include a local artist, engaging with their medium live from our Dispensary floor, or it may call upon Collective Members to participate directly to make something artistically for themselves like a terrarium, chia pet, or stash jar. We also support local artists by making our dispensary floor an evolving art gallery that displays and sells the works of local artists.

Member Workshops

Periodically, Bloom Room offers Member Workshops where Members are invited to learn more about cannabis medicine. Such workshops include Cooking with Cannabis, Joint Rolling, or Grow Workshops. These are great opportunities to get your hands dirty, interact with other Collective Members and usually, learn some great information about cannabis. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Bloom Room offers monthly Volunteer Opportunities where Members are invited to participate in a local community service project like picking up trash, maintaining a community garden or painting over graffiti. We partner with local volunteer organizations to expand our reach and create positive relationships with community leaders. 

Product Demonstrations

Bloom Room offers Free Product Demonstrations to give our Members the opportunity to learn more about our product offerings and try something new!