Pax Vaporizer Is Our Portable Vaporizer Of Choice!

[youtube=] A proper vaporizer is designed to heat medical cannabis to a point where the trichomes evaporate. Premium vaporizers will leave the plant material untouched (or browned). When you burn your cannabis with a flame – it combusts.

Combustion causes smoke, and smoke adds poisons to your medical marijuana. By vaporizing, you avoid combustion altogether; thus opening the door to a more pleasant, safe, and effective cannabis experience.

A proper vaporizer will heat the trichomes - which are the active medical compounds found in marijuana - into a concentrated vapor cloud. Though the vapor puff is faint and difficult to see – it is chock full of potent cannabinoids!

The true value of a quality vaporizer is that every puff is pure cannabinoids - nothing else!  Medical cannabinoids like Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), and others empower the therapeutic potential of medical marijuana. By vaporizing, you get all the benefits of medical cannabis, while escaping the dangers of smoke (and carcinogens like benzapyrene).

Patients seeking the immediate benefits of inhaled medical marijuana should consider vaporization their best option because of the following reasons:

Quick Effect: Cannabis vapor enters the bloodstream in seconds; patients have instantaneous gratification from a proper dose.

Convenient: Most vaporizers heat up in seconds; they are self-contained and reliable.

Precise: Pick your heat temperature and know your dosage on a per-puff basis.

Pleasant: Taste flavors normally lost to flame, and enjoy the smokeless, ash-less experience.

Using a vaporizer allows patients to absorb a cloud of cannabinoids. Though every dose is nearly invisible to the eye – they are pleasantly flavorful and potent.  A proper vaporizer will heat medical marijuana to a temperature between 355°-385°F, resulting in a perfect puff of vapor that doesn’t irritate the throat, nor cause coughing fits.

The Digital Volcano is the pinnacle of desktop vaporizer technology because it is consistent, effective, and safe. However, the bulky vaporizer can be cumbersome and difficult to transport. But, sometimes, patients need to medicate away from home - making desktop vaporizer inconvenient and not ideal.

Say hello to PAX - the ideal vaporizer!

It’s called Pax and it looks like something you might find at an Apple store. Without exaggeration, we’re confident saying that Pax would be Steve Job’s vaporizer of choice! It is the only vaporizer that actually looks like it belongs next to a Macbook Pro.  In a sentence: Pax delivers all that Apple represents (quality, reliability, style) to medical marijuana patients everywhere!

  • Pax is efficient (3 specific temperature settings of Low = 370F, Medium = 390F, High = 410F).
  • Pax is affordable (only $250 – versus $600+ for a Volcano – and you suddenly don’t need lighters, hempwick, ashtrays, pipes, papers or anything patients use to smoke medical cannabis).
  • Pax is reliable (with not only a 10 year limited warranty, but a lithium ion battery to hold a perfect charge).

Since we will be selling PAX at Bloom Room (stay tuned for details!) - we thought you might enjoy this short video, which illustrates the simplicity of PAX in use and maintenance  We like it best how they describe PAX as a "precision instrument." In other words, a dirty PAX is no PAX at all. Keep you wonderful vaporizers clean for exceptional performance and a consistently pleasant experience!


Here's a fellow San Franciscan Activist, Coral Reefer of, describing her experience with PAX. Because of it's portability and low-key design, it makes for a great commute!