When We Grow, This Is What We Can Do This is a wonderful documentary about the potential of cannabis as a cash crop and medical resource.

"In this feature length documentary we explore everything there is, from industrial hemp to medicinal cannabis use, from the origins of cannabis prohibition to the legality of growing equipment. A film by Seth Finegold and presented by Luke Bailey.

Featuring Interviews with: Professor David Nutt (Head of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs) Mr Peter Reynolds (Head of CLEAR UK, formerly the Legalize Cannabis Alliance) Ms Sarah Martin (Medicinal cannabis patient)"

Medical Cannabis Research

Our friends at have been busy compiling excellent data to support the various medical benefits of cannabis. Since, 1974, there have been hundreds of clinical trials - and most of them result in a pile of evidence supporting the true medical value of clinical cannabinoids (or medical marijuana). Here are a few graphics, depicting the diverse applicability of medical cannabis [marijuana]: Image


Medical Cannabis [marijuana), specifically tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as a treatment for managing the side effects associated with chemotherapy.