Kiva Confections: Chocolate Meets Medical Marijuana


Bloom Room SF supports local flavor. Medical marijuana started here - and we're big fans of bay-area marijuana organizations who support quality, consistency, and safety. Kiva Confections is an exceptional chocolate producer; even without their key medical ingredient, cannabinoids - their chocolate is worthy of being in the fancy chocolate aisle at Whole Foods or Molly Stone.

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Kiva Confection produces Premium Medical Marijuana Infused Chocolate. They offer a variety of flavors - all of which contain 180mg of THC (the main ingredient often sought after by many medical marijuana patients in San Francisco0; while they don't offer a CBD-Rich variety (meaning more cannabidiol than THC per dose) - they have introduced a brand-new edible to our menu: Kiva Confections Terra Espresso Bites!

These delicious coffee beans are wrapped with Kiva's velvety chocolate bliss. every bite brings wellness and a smile.

As with any medical marijuana edible, Kiva Confections should be broken into small pieces and ingested incrementally every 30-60 minutes. Leave some time between small bites to test your personal tolerance: edibles can last for several hours, so it's important that patients do not consume a large portion of this medicine right away!

In the event that you do consume too much medical marijuana chocolate - consider a CBD-Rich product like Alta California's CBD Tincture! Using CBD can help you dissipate the mental effects of THC. If your dose becomes to much to handle - a couple drops of the Alta California Tincture will help you avoid an unhappy experience.

Bloom Room Holiday Party Features Vaporizers, Freebies, and Fresh-Brewed Blue Bottle Coffee!


Thanks for showing up Cannabis Times Magazine! Hope you enjoyed our Pax Giveaway!

Thanks for showing up Cannabis Now Magazine! Hope you enjoyed our Pax Giveaway!

We had our own Coffee Barista serving fresh-ground Blue Bottle Coffee by the drop. Perfect every time!

Coffee and Cannabis is the perfect combination. We even have exclusive giveaways for fans of Blue Bottle Coffee! Follow us on Facebook for details :)

The Pax vaporizer was up for giveaway, donated by LivingCannabis.

How To Identify Medical-Grade Cannabis in San Francisco and Beyond!

Not all marijuana is created equal. All cannabinoids are medically valuable - but not all flower samples have the potential to alleviate your medical conditions. In San Francisco, patients have access to a range of different medical marijuana strains; the bay area plays host to a variety of providers and purveyors of cannabis - but, that doesn't mean that everything on every menu can be considered medicine. In order to be medical marijuana, your cannabis needs to possess cannabinoids - and the beneficial medical compounds are found in the highest concentrations within the resin glands know as trichomes. Though it is ideal to have lab data reflecting the medical potential of a given strain, there are various ways to assess the quality of any sample of medical marijuana. Next time you're at Bloom Room SF (or any other medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco), take a few moments to examine multiple strains for the following qualities:

Trichomes Are Where Most of the Medicinal Magic Happens!

1) STRUCTURE: When it comes to premium medical marijuana - trichomes matter most; since trichomes grow on the surface of the flower, density becomes an issue. If a bud is too dense, the trichomes will form and mature in a limited fashion rather than throughout the entire bud (you'll find them clustered on the outside of the flower or in pockets). Loosened flowers provide more surface area and thus a greater among of cannabinoid-dense trichomes.


2) FRAGRANCE: Medical-grade cannabis has a pungent aroma. While every scent differs from one strain to the next, a sample that lacks a distinct fragrance is generally old and/or dried out. If you notice the dominant scent of wet grass, then chances are that sample hasn't been properly cured and needs to dry out before consumption. Curing is an essential part to the process of harvesting quality medical cannabis! This process breaks down chlorophyll (which tastes/ smells like grass) and allows the terpenes (fragrance compounds) to express themselves. Patients shouldn't consume fresh medical marijuana by way of inhalation: it will taste disgusting and harsh. All proper medical cannabis has been thoroughly dried and properly cured.

3) MOISTURE CONTENT: One of the best ways to test a strain of medical marijuana for moisture is the crack test. To perform the crack test, simply bend the stem of your flower sample. If the stem bends, the sample is too fresh to be consumed by way of inhalation (either through a vaporize or smoking device); if the stem cracks with a clean break, the sample is properly dried and ready for consumption. Flowers that have been improperly stored can dry out resulting in a harsh experience for the patient.

4) STICKYNESS TEST: This relates back to both trichomes and moisture content. Proper medical marijuana should be sticky to the touch. Patients have reported their medical nuggets sticking to the top of the Bloom Room medicine tins when they first open their gram or eighth! Cannabis flower stickiness is caused by the trichomes' resinous surface: more sticky = more trichomes = great medical marijuana! No stickiness means the sample has few trichomes or that it is very dry. Consider cracking open a nugget to examine the stickiness within; sometimes the handling of large quantities of buds results in the nuggets losing their stickiness on the external surface. Cracking a bud can also help you get a great sample of the true fragrance for any particular strain. Consider getting a grinder to avoid losing trichomes on your fingers!

BR_Chart graphic_035) LAB TEST: At Bloom Room, we test all of our strains for potency and safety (mold and pesticide) with CW Analytical Labs in Oakland. They analyze the cannabinoid content for each strain - allowing us to inform patients about their medicine. Instead of relying on a name or lineage of genetics, patients can get to choose their medicine based on the symptoms they wish to alleviate; since each cannabinoid has different medical qualities, we think it's important for patients to have access to lab results when seeking out quality medicine.

Bloom Room & San Francisco Thank Dr. Sanjay Gupta for Supporting Medical Marijuana!

Dear Dr. Gupta: On behalf of Bloom Room, and the many medical marijuana patients in San Francisco, we just want to say, "Thank You."

The polarized modern media machine rarely progresses a dialogue between opposites, antagonists, or volatile skeptics. Facts are doused with opinion and engulfed in the fire of the inflammatory response, accusatory remark, and unsubstantiated claim. Instead of getting caught up in the mix and mockery of our manipulative media culture, you stand as a beacon of medicine - as a pioneer of healthcare.

Thank you kind sir! We tip our beanies to you :D

Keep up the great work,

Team Bloom Room SF

Here are a few reasons why we want to thank Dr. Sanjay Gupta! Medical cannabis means a lot to the patients of San Francisco - and his support reaffirms the stability of a much needed resource:

1) Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the legalization of medical marijuana on CNN. He illustrates the outcome of the Colorado and Washington elections for complete marijuana legalization, and then he touches on the topic of medical marijuana with Dr. Julie Holland - author of The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis.


2) Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses medical marijuana with Anderson Cooper on CNN. They talk about safety of medical cannabis and the effects of THC - the most potent cannabinoid in the plant - and how it affect the brain. Dr. Gupta illustrates the increasing potency of medical marijuana with a graph of THC percentages, and then mentions how the "loss of short-term memory" is only a short term side effect of cannabis.


3) Dr. Sanjay Gupta travels around the world as he cuts through the smoke of medical marijuana to illuminate the truth about the patients who benefit from it. This is the intro for his CNN special report: WEED: A Sanjay Gupta Special


4) The outcome of his year-long investigation of medical marijuana, Piers Morgan interviews Dr. Sanjay Gupta about him rescinding the statements he made in a 2009 in Time Magazine - Why I Would Vote 'No' on Pot. Dr. Gupta brings up the science of medical marijuana, and how the American public has been "systematically" mislead about it.


Hemp Seed Oil, Essential Fatty Acids, and Your Health!

The cannabis plant has so much to offer: everything from the seeds to the trichomes have been utilized by humans seeking health, wellness, and nourishment. While all of our patients understand the significant benefits of consuming trichomes (which are the resinous glands found on female flowers), few realize the impressive health benefits of hemp seed oil!


By squeezing the seeds of the marijuana (or cannabis) plant, manufacturers are able to extract an oil chock full of health benefits! To best illuminate the multifaceted benefits of hemp seed oil, we've quoted an article from They've done such a great job illustrating the science behind hemp that we thought it best to point you in their direction!

"The oil can be used as part of a nutritional programme to maintain and improve good health.  With a pleasant nutty flavour, Hemp Seed Oil is ideal for use in salad dressings, mayonnaise, dips etc. It is not suitable for frying as this reduces the benefits.

Hemp has had a long-standing relationship with humanity; modern science reveals that it contains all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for human life, as well as a rare protein known as globule edestins that is very similar to the globulin found in human blood plasma.

Four years after the Marijuana Tax Act passed in the US, a researcher writing for a 1941 edition of Science lamented the loss of access to the hemp seed's rare and important globule edistins; "Passage of the Marijuana Law of 1937 has placed restrictions upon trade in hempseed that, in effect, amount to prohibition....”

Hemp seeds contain the most balanced and richest natural single source of essential oils for human consumption. The E.F.A.'s not only help to restore wasting bodies, but also improve damaged immune systems, so it is not so surprising that modern researchers have studied them in relationship to the modern immune attacking AIDS virus. (Eidlman, M.D., Hamilton, ED.D, Ph.D 1992).

Hemp oil is natures most balanced oil for human nutrition (3:1 LA to LNA ratio) and is easily digestible; in fact this oil could provide all of our Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) requirements for life, due to the balanced 80% EFA content of the oil.

Research has shown that this nutritional oil was once a part of worldwide dietary intake, as it was one of the first cultivated crops. All natural foods contain some substances, which are essential to life. Oils for example, found in nuts and seeds, contain significantly higher amounts of essential fatty acids than other foods.

Much information about Hemp has been systematically removed from written texts since the 1930's and is now difficult to find. Many of the myths about hemp, perpetuated by governments to this day relating to hemp being a drug crop are incorrect and simply propaganda created to make way for synthetic man made products.

Alpha Linolenic acid (LNA) Deficiency Symptoms - Omega 3



The symptoms of LNA deficiency include: Growth retardation, weakness, impairment of vision and learning ability, motor incoordination, tingling in arms and legs, behavioural changes.

Adding LNA back into the diet from which it is missing can reverse these symptoms. Other symptoms that can result from LNA (or w3) deficiency include; High triglycerides, high blood pressure, sticky platelets, tissue inflammation, edema, dry skin, mental deterioration, low metabolic rate, some kinds of immune dysfunction

Linoleic acid (LA) Deficiency Symptoms - Omega 6

The symptoms of LA deficiency include: Eczema-like skin eruptions, loss of hair, liver degeneration, behavioural disturbances, kidney degeneration, excessive water loss through the skin accompanied by thirst, drying up of glands, susceptibility to infections, failure of wound healing, sterility in males, miscarriage in females, arthritis-like conditions, heart and circulatory problems, growth retardation.  Prolonged absence of LA from the diet is fatal. Adding LA back into the diet from which it is missing can reverse all of the deficiency symptoms.

In 1955 the Czechoslovakian Tubercular Nutrition Study concluded that hemp seed was the"Only food that can successfully treat the consumptive disease tuberculosis, in which the nutritive processes are impaired and the body wastes away"(Robinson 1996).

Dr Johana Budwig – A pioneer of Essential Fatty Acid Research

The seven-time Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Johana Budwig, a pioneer of E.F.A research, reported success in treating heart infraction, arthritis, cancer and other common diseases with massive doses of E.F.A.'s.   Budwig's research indicates that many of these killer and crippling diseases may be caused in part by our diet of saturated fat and trans-fat, which are present in much of the food we eat. According to this healing Doctor, saturated fat and trans-fat befuddle the electronic charge of the unsaturated oils, which are present in cell membranes.

‘This decreases the cells ability to receive and store electrons from the sun, which according to Budwig is a key factor in human health.’

Alternatively, a balanced diet of E.F.A’s keeps the charge of the unsaturated fats in the cells membranes working properly and electron rich. As Budwig herself explains:

"The sun's rays are very much in harmony with humans. It is no coincidence that we love the sun. The resonance in our biological tissue is so strongly tuned to the absorption of solar energythat physicists who occupy themselves with this scientific phenomenon, the quantum biologists say that there is nothing on earth that has a higher concentration of solar energy photons than humans. This enrichment with solar energy depends strongly on the like energy aspects, a wavelength that is compatible with humans, and this is supported when we eat foods that have electromagnetic waves of solar rays--the photon. An abundance of these electrons, which are tuned to the solar energy frequency, exist, for example, in   many seed oils. Scientifically these oils have even been designated as electron-rich, essential, highly unsaturated fats. (Budwig 1992)

Budwig states that when we began to homogenize vegetable oils so that they would store better, we unknowingly changed their E.F.A. content into saturated fats in the ensuing heating process. These E.F.A. robbed, thus electron poor   "promote the emergence of cancer.... They behave like tar, as insulators relative to the transport of electrons in living tissue." Alternatively, "electron-rich highly unsaturated oils... increase the absorption, storage and utilization of the sun's energy".


Budwig relates that after her ailing patients have been treated with an E.F.A. rich diet and then "lie in the sun, they notice they feel much better-rejuvenated"; (Budwig 1992)   "On the other hand, nowadays we frequently observe that the heart fails on sunny beaches, and not infrequently heart attacks occur. We can observe some individuals in our time experiencing stress from exposure to the sun’s energy, whereas others respond with dynamic improvement in all vital functions. The stimulating effect that sunshine has on the secretions of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, bladder, and salivary glands is easy to observe. These organs only dry out upon exposure to sunshine when the substance that stimulates secretions is missing. The decisive factor in all these observations is   whether the surface-active, electron-rich, highly unsaturated fats are present as a resonating system for solar energy, or, if they are missing. The doctor tells cancer patients to avoid the sun; that they can't tolerate the sun. As soon as these patients--also cancer patients--were placed on my oil-Protein   diet for just 2-3 days, i.e. a diet that   contains an abundant supply of essential fats, they were able to tolerate the sun very well. Yes, they emphasize how well they suddenly feel in the sun, how the life forces are stimulated and that   they feel dynamically energized."(Budwig 1992)

In times of worry about increased exposure to the sun's rays the E.F.A. rich oils provided by hemp may offer us hope. In her writings about the sun's effect on the cell membrane's electrons, Budwig referred to the work of the quantum physicist Dessauer, "If it were possible to increase the concentration of solar electrons tenfold in this biological electron rich molecule, man would live to be 10,000 years old."

Benefits of Cold Pressing


Oils should be pressed with a minimum of heat because the higher the temperature of the oil the faster it is destroyed by light, oxygen and other chemical reactions. The shape and properties of Fatty-acid molecules can change lowering their nutritional and biological value.

In the UK we do not have restrictions on pressing oil from live seed unlike America where the seed has to be killed by high temperatures to allow it to be imported. With this seed is it is not possible to press fresh living oil that remains stable with a longer shelf life. Hemp oil is legal in the UK.

How to use

With a pleasant nutty flavour, Hemp Seed Oil is ideal for use in salad dressings, mayonnaise, dips etc. Not suitable for frying as this reduces the benefits. May be taken as a nutritional supplement for general health and well being.

We recommend mixing with Barley Grass Powder,  providing the benefits of the soluble proteins in Barley Grass Powder, along with all the huge array of other  nutrients. (Organic yogurt can be used as an alternative Barley Grass Powder) Use 1 dessertspoons of Hemp oil to one heaped dessertspoon of Barley grass juice powder, (or half a cup of organic yogurt) half a glass of chemical free water, (do not use tap water, the chlorine in tap water turns nutrients into toxic, even carcinogenic chemicals!). This mix can be taken once or twice daily. The combination forms the basis of a powerful therapy that Dr Budwig used, and helps to deliver sunlight from sensible sun exposure to the cells for maximum benefit.

Hemp oil can also be used externally on the skin, easily absorbed and moisturising, suitable for poor condition skin.

From our batch tests, it appears that rancidity increases at an exponential rate. I.E. low PV value at time of pressing takes longer to oxidise. We have found that our oil has the ability to be stable for at least six months if stored in the refrigerator. Oil is pressed fresh for each order and then dispatched to the customer in dark brown glass bottles.

How much is needed?

Recommended daily intake for a person with an average build/ body fat profile is 2-4 dessert spoons (up to 50 ml) per day, or in the case of therapy this can be increased up to 150ml per day for approximately 7 days then reverting to the normal daily intake amount. The requirement of oil intake is now widely accepted as being 15%-20% of calorific requirement (daily average of 2000 calories for an average adult). EFA oils contain embodied energy of 9 calories per ml, which is mainly used by the body for structural, hormonal and electrical functions, rather than energy.

What are the beneficial properties of Hemp Seed Oil?


Because Hemp Seed Oil is such a rich source of both LA (Omega 6) and LNA (Omega 3) in balanced proportions, conditions caused by deficiencies in both can be treated with one oil.

The functions of LNA include: Production of smooth skin increased stamina, speeds healing, increases vitality, brings a feeling of calmness, reduces inflammation, water retention, platelet stickiness and blood pressure, enhances immune functions, reduces the pain and swelling of arthritis, can reverse pre-menstrual syndrome, can treat bacterial infections, brain development in children.

The functions of LA include


Energy production, growth vitality, mental state, oxygen transfer, formation of cell membrane, recovery from fatigue, secretion production in exocrine and endocrine glands, formation of prostaglandin's (to maintain cardiovascular system) keeping body fluids liquid, helping immune system resist and fight infection, prevention of allergies, functioning of heart tissue

The functions of GLA include

Conversion of LA to the beneficial prostaglandin's, cholesterol lowering actions, useful in treating degenerative diseases.    The Oleic Acid (Omega 9) contained in Hemp Seed Oil helps keep arteries supple because of its fluidity. In excess Oleic acid can interfere with EFA's and prostaglandin's.

The low level of Stearic acid (18:0) in Hemp Seed Oil is beneficial as high levels of Stearic acid are more likely to form flow-impeding clots in blood vessels and work against the healing qualities of the EFA's.

  • Palmitic acid  (16:0) commonly found as a high percentage in animal fats and tropical oils, it raises cholesterol levels.
  • Vitamins: are also present notably C, E, B1, B2 and carotene in a fat soluble, easily digestible form.
  • Minerals: mainly Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium.

Please note, oils that have been high temperature and solvent extracted then refined (most oils in the supermarkets) do not have the benefits left in them but contain detrimental Trans-fatty acids from hydrogenation.

EFA's increase metabolic rate, therefore increasing fat burn-off, helping you to become slim. Not to be seen as a singular solution, exercise and good eating habits need to be taken into account.

Combining Barley Grass with Hemp Oil

Mixing Hemp Oil with Barley Grass Powder,  provides the benefits of the soluble proteins inBarley Grass Powder, along with all the huge array of other  nutrients. Use 1 or 2 dessertspoons of Hemp oil to one heaped dessertspoon of Barley grass juice powder, half a glass of chemical free water, (do not use tap water, the chlorine in tap water turns nutrients into toxic, even carcinogenic chemicals!). This mix can be taken once or twice daily. It is the combination of the proteins in Barley Grass Powder that protect the  Hemp oil from degradation in the body. The combination forms the basis of a powerful therapy that Dr Budwig used, and helps to deliver sunlight from sensible sun exposure to the cells for maximum benefit."

Information sourced from Udo Erasmus excellent book "Fats that heal - Fats that kill"

Ten Reasons To Believe Marijuana Legalization Is Inevitable

Space Queen Nectar by TERPX: a sign of precision in the manufacturing process for medical cannabis concentrates. Auntie Dolores Caramel Corn is lab-tested for mold, pesticide, and potency. A true milestone of science in the medical cannabis industry.

Visit us online or in person (at 471 Jessie Street in Mint Plaza) to inquire about cannabinoid products, or to talk to a consultant about incorporating marijuana products into your daily regiment.

Here’s a list of major indications pointing to marijuana legalization and overall public acceptance:

  • Laws are being reformed, all around the world. Countries like the Czech Republichave recently legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, others like Uruguay are considering recreational legalization, and over half of America has either decriminalized marijuana or legalized it for medical purposes (with legislation pending in numerous states across the country), etc.. The revolution is here, and in places where it’s not as prevalent – it will be soon.
  • The majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana – a few decades ago, support was around 12%. Polling from the Pew Research Institute found that not only did 52% of Americans support legalization, but 72% feel that, despite their views, it’s inevitable. An even more recent poll, conducted by the Huffington Post and YouGov, found support among Americans to be at 57%.
  • Research is catching up with reality. It seems that every few days now, despite a federal ban that makes research difficult (to say the least), new studies are coming out which validate the benefits of marijuana and its legalization. Recent studies to make a splash have shown medical marijuana legalization to reduce suicides, as well as traffic fatalities. Studies have also shown medical marijuana legalization to reduce, not increase, youth usage rates, and medical research has found marijuana to be beneficial in treating PTSDdementiabreast cancer, etc..
  • Even among those who consider themselves religious, opinions are changing rapidly, especially among youth. A recent poll conduced by a religious polling firm found that a majority of self-identified Christians aged 18-29 support marijuana legalization, and 52% believe that marijuana consumption is entirely okay.
  • A recent seminar at Harvard Law School featured a section called “Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers”, which educated students on how marijuana businesses, such as medical marijuana dispensaries, can obtain tax deductions despite being a federally illegal business. Harvard Law School…. teaching people how to dodge federal law to receive tax deductions for selling marijuana – this is undoubtedly a sign of changing times. Other colleges, such as Oregon State University, have begun offering cannabis and hemp related classes.
  • Police in Seattle, Washington, have begun to issue warning letters to those found dealing marijuana on the black market rather than arresting them. In these instances, they’ve even been returning the marijuana. This is despite the fact that anyone distributing marijuana, besides when licensed by the state (no licenses have been given yet), is as illegal as it was before (a felony charge of up to 5 years in prison). This is a clear sign of the changing times, and is a shining example that not all police need to take a hard-handed approach to marijuana. It’s also important to note that police in Washington State can no longer arrest an adult 21 and older for smoking in public – it’s now a simple $103 ticket (that’s never placed on someone’s record).
  • Companies involved in the marijuana industry have become legitimate investments. USA Today had an article this month titled As marijuana goes legit, investors rush inwhere they discuss the legitimacy of the ever-growing (despite being federally-illegal) industry. Investors are swarming to the growing market, looking to invest in start-up companies that can take advantage of the incoming “green rush”. In addition, marijuana companies, such as Medbox (a company that manufactures marijuana vending machines), have become mainstays on the stock exchange.
  • The U.S. Republican Senate Leader has filed legislation to end federal hemp prohibition. This is one of the most legislatively powerful Republicans in the country, and he’s sponsoring bipartisan legislation to find put an end to the decades long prohibition on industrial hemp, an incredibly diverse commodity. This is just for hemp, and not marijuana with higher levels of THC, but if hemp is legalized soon, and people realize they’ve been duped for decades and rejected an opportunity to take advantage of this valuable crop, many of the remaining opposition to legalization will think twice.
  • Celebrities, scientists and politicians are rapidly coming out in support of legalization. The organization and website Marijuana Majority, is dedicated precisely to this. For politicians, supporting marijuana legalization is becoming a politically wise thing to do, and not the other way around, which has resulted in individuals like California’s Lt. Governor calling the war on drugs an “abject failure” while simultaneously calling for legalized marijuana. You can find a large and impressive list of legalization supporters by clicking here – you’ll quickly note that some of the top minds of our time, and most famous celebrities of our day, are on the list. In a society that near-idolizes the famous, this is important.
  • Prohibition has done nothing to reduce usage rates, or reduce support for reform.The U.S., in its implementation of marijuana prohibition, has continued to slam non-violent marijuana consumers with insanely harsh criminal penalties, in some instances for possessing miniscule amounts. Despite this, and despite a government propaganda machine that never seems to stop spewing bullshit, the number of cannabis consumers has risen, not decreased, and support for ending prohibition has grown tremendously in recent years. Prohibition doesn’t work, and it never will. Legalization is the inevitable answer.

Medical Marijuana and Breast Cancer (aka Protect Your Twin Peaks with Cannabis!)

A fascinating look into the science behind a future with better, more effective medicine. Hooray for cannabinoids! :D BreastCancer

Don't Miss Out On 420 Savings this 420 Weekend in San Francisco!

Happy Patient Appreciation Day, San Francisco! We're celebrating with special offers all weekend long starting April 19th!!
  • 4G Eighths of Premium Flowers for $40 from 4/19 - 4/21.
  • All orders on 4/20 will receive a  FREE MEDI-JOINT and a FREE MEDITHRIVE LIGHTER.
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Jack Herer
 [Skunk X Northern Lights X Haze]The smell and taste of this strain are sweet with an almost syrupy heaviness that is pleasant on the inhale as well as on the exhale. The plant itself is known for being a high producer and yields buds that are extremely large and dense.

Patient will feel uplifted with immense euphoria with each toke and very little appetite side effects. Anxiety can be a factor with those prone to it and should be taken into account before medicating with Jack Herer.

Dabney Blue
  [DJ Short Blueberry phenotype]
An original blueberry strain with high CBD roots. Buds grow with leafy groups ranging from light to dark green and bluish purple hues growing delicately into each leaf among tendrils of dark orange hairs. Smell and taste begins with a dense musk that is true to its name and laden by the mellow undertones of blueberry.The effects lay heavily in the body with the CBD qualities extremely high and although this strain is full Indica it can sometimes be considered lighter on the couch locking properties and linguistic disconnect.

Grape Romulan
[Romulan x Grapefruit] Ripe and fluffy light green trichome sprinkled buds with heavy purple influences! This strain provides a plethora of visual stimuli even upon first look. The smell reigns sweet in the nostril and taste comes through just the same, with hints of blackberry and freshly cut grass. This strain calms tense nerves and provides fantastic pain relief.


Chem Dawg
 [Diesel Phenotype]
Chem Dawg typically produces buds that are light green with a sativa-dominant bud structure. The hairs are orange-brown in color, while the buds are semi-dense, but covered in tiny trichomes. The smell and taste are similar: an intense sour pine-sol smell, mixed with mild, earthy undertones. Chem 4 is arguably the strongest phenotype. The effects can be felt just seconds after inhaling, including a mood lift and a mild body buzz. This is a good choice for an energy boost and mental stimulation as well.

What's Happening on 420 in San Francisco Bay Area?


Have you ever been to Haight Ashbury in San Francisco for Four-Twenty? What about Golden Gate Park? Well, Hippie Hill is a huge event - a great way to see the ancient customs of the "sixties culture" - dating back to the early days of the psychedelic settlements found throughout a then black-&-white version of San Francisco. If you like music, festival atmospheres, and an overall welcoming and friendly crowd - consider stopping by the Haight Ashbury district during the course of your celebrations.


"Countdown to 420 with Doug Benson" dougbensonsanfrancisco  

"At the age of twenty-two, Doug Benson began performing stand-up regularly in Los Angeles after he and two friends dared each other to go on stage. It turns out that Benson was the only one of the friends to actually make it to the stage, an event that set the wheels in motion for eventual performances on Comedy Central’s The A-List, Two Drink Minimum, and The TV Wheel in the 1990s. Benson is also known for being a contestant on the fifth season of Last Comic Standing.

Benson has released five comedy albums, including 2012’s Smuglife, and aims to record a new album every April 20 -- for release the following summer -- for the rest of his career. Benson starred in the 2007 documentary Super High Me – a takeoff of 2004’s Supersize Me – about the effects of smoking cannabis for thirty days."


"Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion) is playing the Fillmore in San Francisco on 420!" 


"As part of his coming-out tour, and only days before the release of his Diplo-produced reggae album, Snoop Lion (né Dogg) will be playing one of those intimate shows here in S.F. at the Fillmore. And because Snoop Lion loves weed, and San Francisco loves weed, Snoop has decided to come to San Francisco on World Weed Day -- aka April 20, aka 4/20, aka the best day in all of the year to see Snoop Dogg perform." - SF Weekly


"White Mystery 420 Psychedelic Meltdown"

"White Mystery rocks a Top Ten Album, ELLE Magazine Brazil feature, Daytrotter session, POWERGLOVE music video, and Sound Opinions episode distributed by American Public Media. Miss Alex White and Francis White are two siblings born and raised in the city of Chicago that play original, garage punk shows around the world. Chicago Tribune music editor and Sound Opinions host Greg Kot writes, "The real attraction is White Mystery, the new duo forged by Miss Alex White, best known as the guitar-wielding blowtorch in her long-running gig with [Miss Alex White and] the Red Orchestra. With drummer Francis White, she reduces her love of soul-fired garage rock to its butt-kicking essence.""

"An Evening with Moonalice at Slim's in San Francisco on 420"  moonalicesanfrancisco

"Moonalice is a band of seasoned musicians who feel that live music should be a communal experience where the listener and musicians feed and derive inspiration from each other. Their songs try to speak to everyone, mixing a variety of genres with extended musical improvisations that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration." A bonus 420-themed auction during the show! Price is $4.20 (or course), and the items included in the auction are all 420 worthy:

A beautiful guitar signed by Carlos Santana. A Metallica package including a cymbal signed by the band, drum sticks, Metallica hat, Metallica t-shirt, and various guitar picks. An assortment of fine wines A Grateful Dead poster package. Jerry Garcia poster package. Several rare Grateful Dead t-shirts. A Slim’s/GAMH ticket package and more!


"HempCon 2013 in San Jose"

hempconsanjoseAll weekend long - April 19 to the 21st! - in San Jose Convention Center! "

Hempcon is a medical marijuana show catering to those who may be benefited from the medical use of marijuana. This will be one of the premiere events of the year with a huge amount of exhibits including medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, care givers, evaluation services, legal services, educational institutes, equipment, accessories, and many more. Hempcon will be an educational event as well with a full weekend of seminars and presentations by industry leaders, advocates, and attorneys. Whether you are a patient or someone who wants to get educated more about medical marijuana, you have got to be there.

For 2013, we are scheduled to have multiple shows all around the Southwest throughout the year. Be sure to check out, Hempcon in your local town as we will expand into other markets where medical marijuana has been legalized. We urge supporters of the Medical Marijuana industry to come out and participate in what is sure to be the best event of the year!"

California: Researchers Hope To Test Cancer Fighting Marijuana Compound

By: Steve Elliot for Hemp News ( "The pain-relieving and nausea-relieving effects of medical marijuana and its chief psychoactive ingredient, THC, are becoming well known for those fighting cancer and other serious diseases. But for more than five years now, a group of researchers in California has been focusing on another of the cannabinoids found in marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD).

Watch the video here!

"Cannabidiol is a non-toxic agent from cannabis that is not psychoactive," said Sean McAllister, Ph.D., a lead researcher in the recent study at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, reports Carolyn Johnson at KGO.

McAllister and fellow researcher Pierre Desprez, Ph.D., say they are now ready for human trials, using CBD to treat metastatic cancer. They've already produced a synthetic form of CBD, which they say targets a specific gene related to cancer's spread.

"We found this one compound, CBD, had a specific effect on metastatic cancer cells, very aggressive tumor cells," Desprez said. "The bad cancer cells, the ones that spread throughout the body."

The team documented the effect of CBD on brain cancer in a large scale animal trial in a recently published study. Brain scans showed the disruption of the tumor cells after the CBD was used to switch off a specific gene regulator, according to the researchers.

"We find when you treat with CBD, you down regulate the expression of this protein, and that inhibits the disease process," McAllister explained.

That may be due to a natural defense mechanism in the cannabis plant, according to Desprez; he believes the plant may have developed CDB to retard the development of insects which ate marijuana, thus protecting itself.

"So maybe the plant is making these compounds to combat the development of insects and we can use the compound to target cancer cells that act like embryonic cells," Desperz speculated.

Due to the non-toxic nature of CBD, the team hopes to be authorized soon for human trials, for which they are currently seeking funding. The team has already designed two trial models, one for brain cancer and one for breast cancer.

The Top 10 Pros And Cons for Medical Marijuana as a Medical Option (according to

In an article posted on, experts are cited in a list of the Top 10 Pros and Cons for Medical Marijuana as a Medical Option. The list focuses on Physician Perspectives on Marijuana's Medical Use, Medical Organizations' Opinions, US Government Official's Views, Health Risks of Smoked Marijuana, Treating AIDS with Marijuana, Marijuana for the Terminally Ill, Marijuana Vs. Marinol, Addictiveness of Marijuana, the Gateway Effect, Medical Marijuana Debate and its Effect on Youth Drug Use.

This is a great survey of current research on both sides of the argument! We highly recommend visiting's Marijuana Page to read more about medical cannabis, the implications of current research, and the marijuana plant in general terms. We've reposted the Top 10 Pros and Cons for Medical Marijuana as a Medical Option below for your convenience! And, if you have more questions - don't stop looking for answers :)


medicalorganizationsopinionsonmarijuana usgovernmentofficialsviewonmarijuana healthrisksofsmokedmarijuana aidsandmarijuana marijuanaforterminallyill marijuanavsmarinol addictionmedicalmarijuana gatewaydrug youthdruguse

The Science and Neuroscience: Cannabis and Creativity (from


"We’re not the first ones to ask this question, obviously. The effects of marijuana on creativity have been studied extensively by everyone from prestigious PhDs in university laboratories to white kids with dreadlocks in their college dorms. The findings have been a bit of a mixed bag.

One of the keys to creativity is divergent thinking, meaning the ability to view things in a multitude of different ways. It’s what makes creative people creative. It’s what makes people, upon viewing your creation, say, “I’ve never thought of it that way,” or “Wow, what was he smoking?”

Marijuana in the Brain

With that in mind, a 2010 study by Morgan, Rothwell, et al. showed that one of marijuana’s primary properties is its ability to increase hyper-priming, or your ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. It’s the cause behind those famous and well-parodied “Aha!” moments when a high person suddenly realizes a deep truth about himself after noticing something inconsequential like a dead worm on the sidewalk; or how a weed-fueled conversation can go from whether or not the guy from ABC’s “Nashville” was also in an episode of “Boy Meets World” (he was) to the pros and cons of Taco Bell quesadillas in no time flat.

Marijuana also causes your brain to release the neurochemical called dopamine, which gives users the signature calm, euphoric feeling. It also helps reduce your inhibitions and turn off your “inner-editor” while writing, drawing, or brainstorming. People high on marijuana often describe their thoughts and feelings as moving more freely, almost flowing through them.

Last, research suggests that cannabis blurs the lines between a person’s five senses, allowing for an increased capacity for wonder and awe. It enhances your ability to marvel at things, somehow allowing you to experience events in a profound, internal way.

But it’s not all cheese puffs and genius works of art for weed smokers. A study done in 2010 by Bourasa & Vaugeois claims that the supposed creative benefits of marijuana don’t hold up statistically. The study showed no positive effect from marijuana on divergent thinking and that it may even have a negative impact in this area.

Cannabis in the Brain

So, how do we explain the disparity between studies? Maybe creativity is tougher to define than we’re led to believe. Maybe it’s more complicated than a series of tests or response times engineered by psychologists.

Even if we were to agree that divergent thinking is the most important aspect of creativity, it’s still only one aspect. Weed isn’t some magical substance that can turn any old schlub into Picasso. True creativity also requires intelligence and a whole lot of hard work."

Read the rest of the article on Nebo!

Bloom Room Strains: A Reference Guide To Our Popular Medicine


Sativa | Sativa Dominant Hybrid | Indica Dominant Hybrid | Indica

Strain Name I/S Breakdown Genetics / Lineage:
Cannabis Sativa strains are often characterized by their uplifting and energetic medicinal effect. They are known for causing a reaction that is mostly cerebral, with a crisp clear feeling in the head. Sativas give a feeling of optimism and wellbeing; they are known to heighten the senses and enable creativity. Sativa strains are often the preferred medicine for daytime as they cause less drowsiness than their Indica counterparts.
Chem Dawg 90% Sativa – 10% Indica Originating from Colorado
Chem Dawg Description:
Chem Dawg typically produces buds that are light green with a sativa-dominant bud structure. The hairs are orange-brown in color, while the buds are semi-dense, but covered in tiny trichomes. The smell and taste are similar: an intense sour pine-sol smell, mixed with mild, earthy undertones.

Medical Benefits:

The effects can be felt just seconds after inhaling, including a mood lift and a mild body buzz. This is a good choice for an energy boost and mental stimulation as well.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 pg. 64
Diesel Wreck 100% Sativa Sour Diesel X Trainwreck
Diesel Wreck Description:
Gorgeous is the best word that comes to mind to describe this bud that oozes crystals and is overrun by bright orange hairs. This strain has a crunchy consistency, due to completed, resonated flowers. (This one creates a lot of kief.) At first, the nose is overwhelmed by the smell of gasoline, that gradually leads to sweet, fruity undertones. It can be a bit harsh at times, but when done right, it is deliciously piney and fruity. 

Medical Benefits:

This strain is a very well-balanced sativa. It is effective in treating depression, daytime pain and loss of appetite.

Patient Feedback:
Durban Poison 100% Sativa Pure land-race strain originating from South Africa
Durban Poison Description:
This strain is one of the last pure sativas. It has a sweet piney smell with a hint of mint and a sour finish. Its buds are large, dense and bright green.

Medical Benefits:
Although strong, this strain produces a high that is functional, crisp and clear headed.

Patient Feedback:
A Medithrive patient favorite. Cannabible 1 pg. 67
Green Ribbon 85% Sativa – 15% Indica Trainwreck X Jedi
Green Ribbon Description:
This strain produces buds that are extremely frosty (almost white in appearance), contrasted by bright orange hairs. This strain is unique, not just because of its large amount of crystals, but also because of the color of the flower itself. The smell is extremely sweet, and somewhat resembles a purple.

Medical Benefits:

This strain is mostly known for its uplifting feeling, leaving its user with a sense of ease. It is effective for treating depression or social disorders because of its happy-go-lucky effects.

Patient Feedback:
Jack Herer (J1) 90% Sativa – 10% Indica Skunk x Nothern Lights x Haze
Jack Herer Description:
This spicy sativa, named after the late great author, breeder and cannabis activist Jack Herer, is a result of years of selective breeding by the Sensi Seed company. It produces lengthy dense buds that are pointy at the top and covered in crystally calyx. This strain is extremely popular amongst sativa lovers and has won numerous Cannabis Cups and awards. It has a pungent taste and smell, which is spicy and piney, with a touch of sweet.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is super heady and very potent. It causes a strong euphoric effect that is not for the weak-hearted. Those who are prone to anxiety and paranoia should steer clear of this strain. Known for heightening the senses and twisting perception, the psychoactive properties of this strain are quite exceptional and are recommended for promoting creativity, deep thinking and energy.

Patient Feedback:
This strain is known to cause headaches in some patient.
Sour Diesel 95% Sativa – 5% Indica Mexican Sativa X Chemo
Sour Diesel Description:
Sour Diesel is named for its distinct petroleum aroma. Sweet and sour scents come and go while the "famous fumes" of diesel remain constant. This strain has the typical sativa bud formation: fluffy with calyx buds. It is popular because of its great sativa strength that is both strong and clear-headed.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is typically ideal for those that like an awake, sharp, crisp or clear feeling. It induces creativity and heightens the senses.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 Page 64-67; Big Book of Buds 3 Page 133; Big Book of Buds 2 Page 140
Sour OG 85% Sativa – 15% Indica Sour Diesel x OG Kush
This strain was produced by crossing Sour Diesel and OG Kush. The result is an amazing bud that includes the most desirable characteristics from each of its parents. Sour OG buds look similar to Sour Diesel, with small dense buds covered with sticky trichomes and light-green leaves. The effect is a combination of its heritage as well, mixing a clear headed start with a classic, heavy OG finish.

Medical Benefits:
Sour OG is a very powerful strain and can be used for a variety of purposes. Its uplifting effects can be beneficial for depression. It can also be used to relieve pain during the day, but some may find that it can actually increase body awareness, so use with caution.

Patient Feedback:
Super Silver Haze 100% Sativa Old School Haze back-crossed with itself
Super Silver Haze Description:
This strain grows in the classic sativa fashion: tall and stringy with long leaves. This strain also yields large buds with light-brown hairs and a tint of orange-yellow. The aroma and taste are pungent and floral with sweet undertones. This strain embodies the unique characteristics of the original Haze, but finishes much faster.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great for medicating in the day time as it yields an uplifting feeling without much drowsiness, if any at all. It is clear-headed and known for awakening the senses.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabis Cup winner 3 years in a row (1997-1999).
Super Trainwreck 100% Sativa Trainwreck x Trainwreck
Super Trainwreck Description:
The breeders of this strain took Trainwreck and back-crossed it with itself to eliminate unwanted traits. The result is in the name: a Super Trainwreck! Huge, light-green buds yield a ridiculous amount of resin, leaving behind an extremely pungent and unmistakable aroma: lemon pine with fruity undertones.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great for treating depression, mild day-time pain relief and helping with creative stimulation.

Patient Feedback:
This strain is not a good choice for those who are prone to anxiety or paranoia. Its strong effects can also sometimes heighten pain awareness.
Trainwreck 100% Sativa its genetics are rooted in Super Silver Haze
Trainwreck Description:
This strain has a unique lemony-pine smell. It produces lightly colored buds with small narrow leaves and small, tight calyx.

Medical Benefits:
This strain produces a strong head high, stimulating creativity, easing depression and often creating a strong sense of euphoria.

Patient Feedback:
This strain is not a good choice for those who are prone to anxiety or paranoia. Its strong effects can also sometimes heighten pain awareness.
Strain Name I/S Breakdown Genetics / Lineage:
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Sativa dominant hybrids are strains that contain both cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. They lean toward the sativa (energy focus), but retain some of the medicinal qualities of both. With the many combinations and complex genetics of modern hybrids, it is impossible to generalize about the qualities of hybrids' smoke, high or other characteristics, which are truly dependent on the particular strain. Get to know each strain to better understand its unique medical benefits.
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Agent Orange Sativa Dominant Hybrid Jack's Cleaner x Space Queen x Orange Velvet
Agent Orange Description:
This strain has a unique lemon-pine smell that only Trainwreck can claim. It produces lightly colored buds with small narrow leaves and small tight calyx.

Medical Benefits:
Agent Orange eases mild daytime pain and elevates appetite and mood. It is best suited for treating anti-social disorders.

Patient Feedback:
AK-47 65% Sativa – 35% Indica Jack's Cleaner x Space Queen x Orange Velvet
AK-47 Description:
Despite its aggressive name, AK-47 has many peaceful tendencies. First bred in 1992, AK-47 produces dark dense buds and fire red hairs. It has a spiced aroma bordering on skunk with hints of woodsy undertones, but tastes sweeter and more floral than its scent suggests. AK-47 has mostly sativa characteristics with one exception: a quick finishing time.

Medical Benefits:
The effect is a pleasant high with a clear-headed cerebral feeling.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 1 pg. 28; Big Book of Buds #1 pg. 2
Banana 60% Sativa – 40% Indica OG Kush x Sagamartha's
Banana Description:
The scent is pure kush-skunk, but the taste is thick with banana undertones. The effect is mild but yields a euphoric body buzz. This bud is geared towards relaxation rather than sedation.

Medical Benefits:
Banana is great at easing pain, stress, anxiety and would be an effective sleep aid for primarily sativa smokers. It has the heavy hitting effects of an OG, but with more sativa lift.

Patient Feedback:
Big Kahuna Sativa Dominant Hybrid Pineapple x Skunk #1 x Hawaiian Afghani
Big Kahuna Description:
This strain yields big, beautiful buds with a sweet, skunky smell. This strain is very clear-headed, but the body buzz is there too. Its potent effect begins cerebral and heady, but turns heavier as it settles in.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is a great sativa for the daytime, but has enough depth for those looking for mild pain relief or relaxation. No anxiety accompanies this sativa hybrid, just a mild sense of euphoria.

Patient Feedback:
Big Lebowski Sativa Dominant Hybrid OG Kush x LA Confidential x Pineapple x Ogre
This strain is bright green in color and covered with clear or white crystals. Some of the most crystallized buds out there, these nuggets shine like glitter. It has a sweet, fruity, hazey smell that comes through its thick, smooth smoke.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is a strong sativa with a strong wiry feeling. It is great for getting things done and promoting energy and focus during the day.

Patient Feedback:
Blue Cheese 80% Sativa – 20% Indica Blueberry X Big Buddha Cheese
Blue Cheese Description:
Blue cheese has round swirls of compact flowers that develop purple hues near harvest time. This strain is mostly cheese with a slight hint of the blueberry and its smell and taste follow the same trend.

Medical Benefits:
This strain creates a happy, euphoric effect that maintains brain clarity and function.

Patient Feedback:
Big Book Buds #3 Pg. 40
Blueberry Cheese 75% Sativa – 25% Indica (Blueberry x UK Cheese) x UK Cheese
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain produces dense but small buds. The phenotype generally seen in the Bay Area is tan in color with a hint of a deep lavender. The smell is fruity, but has a classic cheese taste with some fruity undertones.

Medical Benefits:
This strain produces a nice, mellow high. Its effects are strong, but very pleasant and calming. This strain produces mild sedative effects and is perfect for relieving anxiety and depression.

Patient Feedback:
Blue Dream 80% Sativa – 20% Indica Super Silver Haze (SSH) x Blueberry
Blue Cheese Description:
Blue Dream is characterized by its bright green color and abundance of bright orange hairs. The smell is very sweet with a spicy after scent. The buds look like SSH, but smell like blueberry. This strain yields an amazing taste that is not too harsh on the throat or lungs.

Medical Benefits:
The effect starts out very stoney, but lightens up into a nice mellow cerebral high that lingers for hours. This strain is great for anxiety, social disorders and depression because of its euphoric nature. It also helps to stimulate the appetite, ward off depression and ease nausea.

Patient Feedback:
Patients love it because they claim it gives them the perfect effect: uplifting without being too wiry, and relaxing without being too sleepy. Growers like it because it is high-yielding, finishes quickly and is considerably resilient.
Cheese 65% Sativa – 35% Indica Colombian Gold x Acapulco Gold x Afghani
Blue Cheese Description:
A very potent strain, this unique flower has lime and dark-green buds with thick, pinkish hairs and swollen trichomes. This strain has a definite sativa-dominant bud structure. It smells like a sharp cheese, while tasting of spice with skunky undertones.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is effective for daytime pain relief because of its well-balanced hybrid effect.

Patient Feedback:
Cheese OG 75% Sativa – 25% Indica OG Kush x Big Buddha Cheese
Blue Cheese Description:
These buds are tightly grown and take on the structure of a regular OG. The strain has the peppery piney characteristics of an OG, but with the skunky stink of the cheese as well. 

Medical Benefits:
The effects of this strain are instant and long-lasting, beginning with an intense head-rush followed by a thick, full-body stone. This strain is effective for treating depression, anxiety, daytime pain, loss of appetite, nausea and MS.

Patient Feedback:
Chem 4 60% Sativa – 40% Indica Chem 4 is a phenotype of Chem Dawg
Blue Cheese Description:
These buds are almost always bright green in color with dark hairs and a signature yellowish resin. On one end you have OG Kush and the other Sour Diesel, both yielding smells described as fuel-like, sour and piney. Chem 4 fits right between the two.

Medical Benefits:
The instant head kick upon exhaling lifts one's mood, making this a potent, heady and happy high. Although this strain is mostly uplifting, it has just enough indica to keep most people relaxed.

Patient Feedback:
Chernobyl 60% Sativa – 40% Indica Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain is a combination of sweet and sour tastes with lime Slurpee undertones. Compact bright green buds covered in trichomes are wrapped in large orange hairs. The smell is sweet, almost skunky, with a little spice and herb scent, resembling J1's spice. The taste is delicious, intense and spicy. 

Medical Benefits:
This clear-headed sativa is perfect for the daytime smoker or someone looking for pain relief, mood elevation or energy during the day. 

Patient Feedback:
Dankouver 75% Sativa – 25% Indica Unknown – NL x Haze
Dankouver Description:
One of the "dankiest" buds around, this strain's pungent aroma of citrus and maple syrup, and the completely covered resinous flowers excite the senses. Sticky light-green buds are covered with yellow trichomes that stick to your fingers.

Medical Benefits:
This sativa hybrid has many of the great qualities of Blue Dream in that it has balanced effects. Its resilient high yield is also great for growers.

Patient Feedback:
Dream Queen 80% Sativa – 20% Indica Space Queen x Blue Dream
Blue Cheese Description:
 This stain produces large, round, dense buds with fiery red hairs. It is known for its spicy-sweet smell and strong sativa effect.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great for getting out there and being active physically. It provides long-term energy.

Patient Feedback:
Harlequin 75% Sativa – 25% Indica Laos and a Swiss native land-race strain
Harlequin Description:
The smell and taste of this strain are sweet with an almost syrupy heaviness that is pleasant on the inhale, as well as on the exhale. The plant itself is known for being a high producer and yields buds that are extremely large and dense. 

Medical Benefits:
This strain was specifically designed to be higher in CBDs and CBN, and lower in THC. It is has a balance and calming effect and is most effective in treating pain and inflammation. This strain was bred to produce medical benefits without psychoactive effects. 

Patient Feedback:
It yields a great pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effect, without the psychoactive effect. 
Hawaiian Haze Sativa Dominat Hybrid Hawaiian Island Sativa x Super Silver Haze
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain has a unique smell of fruity sweetness. It is super moist and sticky (but still very smokable) with buds that are small-to-medium sized and very dense.

Medical Benefits:
The effect is high, airy and cerebral. It inspires a euphoric mood, positively effecting the clarity of your thoughts.

Patient Feedback:
Headband 80% Sativa – 20% Indica OG Kush x Master Kush x Sour Diesel
Headband Description:

This strain's dense buds have a pungent Sour-Kush aroma. Its genetics are very similar to the Sour OG, but is less sativa-dominant. The samples often found in the Bay Area are generally small buds that are extremely crystal packed with a smell similar to Sour Diesel. 

Medical Benefits:
The effect is intense, high-energy and long-lasting. This strain is a good choice for daytime smoking when focus and clarity are important.

Patient Feedback:

Jack the Ripper 65% Sativa – 35% Indica Jack Herer x Northern Lights x Romulan x Cinderella99
Jack the Ripper Description:
This strain has many of the same aesthetic properties as J1, including fiery red hairs and calyx buds, but is less pointy, having more of an indica bud structure. 

Medical Benefits:
This cross makes for a more mellow high than regular Jack Herer due to the indica presence. It is recommended for a cerebral effect without the anxiousness that some experience with regular Jack Herer.

Patient Feedback:
KC Jones 85% Sativa – 15% Indica Jack Herer x KC Brains
KC Jones Description:
This strain takes on the spicy smell of Jack Herer, but with a sweet undertone. It produces large, lengthy buds that are rarely dense and always covered in calyx. This strain is sometimes confused with Casey Jones, which is a Trainwreck and Thai cross. 

Medical Benefits:
KC Jones is a great, functional sativa that can be used to manage pain during the daytime. It can be successfully used as a mood elevator as well.

Patient Feedback:
Kushage Sativa Dominant Hybrid OG Kush x S.A.G.E.
Kushage Description:
A cross of OG Kush (mother, sativa) and S.A.G.E. (father, sativa-indica), Kushage buds are extremely dense with an unbelievable amount of amber-colored trichomes. SAGE stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, but also describes the aroma of this interesting hybrid. SAGE's mother is a native Californian called Big Sur Holy, a sativa with a long finishing time, but strong mold and bug resistance. This is combined with a chunky, Afghani indica, selected for its extreme characteristics. This strain boasts overwhelming flavors of citrus, pine, spice and earth, with undertones of mango or papaya.

Medical Benefits:
This is a great strain for use during the day or night, but tends to have a somewhat heavy crash, causing drowsiness after about 2 hours.

Patient Feedback:
LA Confidential 55% Sativa – 45% Indica Aghani x OG Kush
LA Confidential Description:
LA Confidential is sweet and piney with a classic skunky aroma, and both of these traits carry over into the taste. This well-rounded strain delivers a fast-approaching high that is both psychedelic and calming on the mind and body. 

Medical Benefits:
It has been said that this strain resembles hash smoke since it is so thick and spicy. Its effects come on fast and are hard hitting, with a psychedelic component. LA Confidential is great for pain relief, insomnia, appetite stimulation and general anxiety. 

Patient Feedback:
Big Book of Buds #3 pg. 114
MK Ultra 60% Sativa – 40% Indica OG Kush x G-13
MK Ultra Description:
This strain takes on many characteristics of the dominant OG Kush, but is unique in its production of large, dank, sticky buds that are saturated in resin. The strain is named after a covert CIA operation that took place between the late 1950's and early 1970's. The operation's primary purpose was to abusively test the capacity of the human body (e.g. pumping a test subjects body with a particular chemical to see how much they could take, verbally abusing a subject to see how long they could take it without breaking down.)

Medical Benefits:
This strain is a great pain reducer that can be used during the day or night. It produces a strong psychoactive effect.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 pg. 138, Big Book of Buds #2 pg. 91
Orange Velvet OG 85% Sativa – 15% Indica Orange Skunk x OG Kush
Blue Cheese Description:
Orange Velvet produces one of the strongest aromas of any cannabis strain. Its smell is very citrusy and astringent, not unlike a cleaning product.

Medical Benefits:
This strain produces an intense effect. It is overwhelmingly a sativa, but has some indica depth to it as well. This strain will make you think deeply, elevate your mood and yield a nice boost of energy.

Patient Feedback:
Despite the intense smell and taste of this strain, be assured that it is grown 100% organically and is flushed perfectly well. This strain is an all around A+.
OG Kush Sativa dominant hybrid Chem Dawg and sister to Sour Diesel
OG Kush Description:
This strain is a descendent of Chem Dawg and sister to Sour Diesel. Despite the name, there is very little, if any, actual Afghani "Kush" in it. At the time that this strain was created, the only comparable strains were those of the of the Hindu Kush Mountains, Northern India and Pakistani regions. It adopted the name Kush and it has stuck ever since.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great for patients who have a high tolerance because it produces strong effects that are long-lasting.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 pg. 152
Purple Diesel 55% Sativa – 45% Indica Purple Kush x Sour Diesel
Purple Diesel Description: 
This strain produces large, dark, purple nugs that give off a pungent, fruity scent. When smoked, Purple Diesel tastes fruity with an overpowering diesel flavor. 

Medical Benefits:
Purple Diesel is a favorite among daytime users who deal with pain. It produces an invigorating body high, while allowing the patient to still be productive in daily tasks and activities. It also offers extraordinary cerebral effects and has been known to give the user a euphoric high to help counter feelings of sadness or hopelessness. This is a great hybrid that appeals to a wide variety of medical symptoms, including stress relief, depression, migraines and pain relief.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 pg. 138, Big Book of Buds #2 pg. 91
Queen Elizabeth Kush 75% Sativa – 25% Indica Super Silver Haze x OG Kush
This potent variety of cannabis has a distinct aroma, appearance and long-lasting psychoactive effects. The buds look similar to OG Kush, but lighter in color and more spindly in formation (due to the haze genetics). However, the piney taste and potent effects of the Queen Elizabeth remain relatively close to the highly exalted OG Kush. The difference is that the Queen yields a uniquely heady, energy boost and instead of finishing off with a more heavy indica effect, the Queen stays high, energetic and clear-headed. 

Medical Benefits:
Queen Elizabeth is an incredibly effective daytime medicine, ideal for treating stress, bipolar disorder, nervousness, migraines, depression and chronic pain.

Patient Feedback:
Real McCoy 60% Sativa – 40% Indica Hawaiian x Skunk #1
A very special cross for the true connoisseur! The Real McCoy has a wonderfully sweet and spicy bouquet and taste that can only be described as smoking a "tropical salad bar." It offers an instant tingling of the tongue, tasting sweet and spicy, yet it is still soft on the throat. Within minutes, a happy cerebral buzz rests behind your eyes, enhancing any daytime activities and allowing for creativity and concentration.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great for sativa lovers, offering immediate stress relief and mild body relaxation. The Real McCoy is an ideal connoisseur's strain, giving potent and long-lasting effects with a delicious flavor.

Patient Feedback:
Real McCoy OG Kush Sativa dominant hybrid Real McCoy x OG Kush
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain produces beautiful buds that resemble OG Kush, but are lighter in color, have less diesel-pine smell, and more of a sweet and fruity aroma. The taste is a palatable mixture of the pungent pine of the OG and the sweet surprise of the Real McCoy.

Medical Benefits:
This strain yields a strong OG effect but is more clear-headed, less fuzzy and more functional. It is great for daytime smokers who are looking for a functional, slightly energetic and highly anti-depressive medicine. 

Patient Feedback:
SFV OG 60% Sativa – 40% Indica aka San Fernando Valley OG

This strain is a great OG variety with small characteristic differences because of its genetic expression growing in Southern California.

Medical Benefits: As with most OG strains, the SFV is known for its strong, hard-hitting sativa beginning and its relaxing heavy indica finish.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 pg. 138, Big Book of Buds #2 pg. 91

Silver Blues 80% Sativa – 20% Indica Super Silver Haze x Blue Dream (Blueberry x SSH)
Blue Cheese Description:
The breeder of this strain took Blue Dream and back-crossed it with its original mother, Super Silver Haze. The finished product is a strain that takes on most of the characteristics of Blue Dream, but is even more uplifting and enegertic.

Medical Benefits:
Silver Blues is effective for treating depression, and is ideal for those looking for daytime pain relief with a functional edge.

Patient Feedback:
Sour Cherry 50% Sativa – 50% Indica Sour Diesel x Cherry AK-47
Sour Cherry is comprised of two extremely potent strains: Sour Diesel and Cherry AK-47. The incredible aroma rising from these buds is a mixture of cherry pie and gasoline, just as its genetics would suggest.

Medical Benefits:
These flowers are effective at treating anxiety, depression and daytime pain.

Patient Feedback:
Sour Grapes 55% Sativa – 45% Indica Sour Diesel x Grape Ape
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain is a great hybrid. It takes on the sweet of the purple and sour of the diesel, making it perfectly balanced in flavor and effect. It can be both relaxing and stimulating.

Medical Benefits:
Sour Grapes could be a poster child for the "hybrid class" of medical cannabis because of its ability to ease body tension, inflammation, depression and anxiety. Its well-balance effects allow for a endless variety of medical benefits. 

Patient Feedback:
Strawberry Cough Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strawberry Fields x Haze
Strawberry Cough Description:
True to its name, Strawberry Cough has a sweet strawberry smell and thick smoke that will leave you coughing. Strawberry Cough buds are large and dense and are often covered in sticky trichomes. This medicine provides a nice sativa buzz that will lift your spirits. Overall, this strain is a comfortable, enjoyable, yet powerful experience.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is known for its intense effect. It leans ever so slightly toward the sativa side, but has many indica characteristics as well. This strain will produce a strong body high and will make your eyes heavy, but won't necessarily cause couch-lock.

Patient Feedback:
Strawberry Diesel Sativa Dominant Hybrid NYC Diesel x Strawberry Cough
Strawberry Diesel Description:
This strain has dense, sticky buds blanketed with intense trichome coverage and multicolored orange hairs. Strawberry Diesel yields buds that smell uniquely pungent, like a strawberry fruit roll-up with hints of cinnamon, pine, grape, lemon and fuel. It's aptly described as: "Diesel up front, with a strawberry shortcake finish."

Medical Benefits:
The effects take hold within seconds, yielding an intense, hard-hitting and cerebral stone. Strawberry Diesel is effective at treating social disorders because of its anti-anxiety properties. This strain is not recommended for important cognitive tasks.

Patient Feedback:
Tahoe OG Kush Sativa Dominant Hybrid Genetically adapted to the Lake Tahoe region
Tahoe OG Kush Description:
This is an original OG Kush strain grown in and genetically adapted to the Lake Tahoe region. This strain is a descendent of Chem Dawg and sister to Sour Diesel. Despite the name, there is very little, if any, actual Afghani "Kush" in it. At the time that this strain was created, the only comparable strain were those of the of the Hindu Kush Mountains, Northern India and Pakistani regions. It adopted the name Kush and it has stuck ever since. 

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great for patients who have a high tolerance because it produces strong effects that are long lasting.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 Page 152
UK Cheese 55% Sativa – 45% Indica Unknown. Possibly a Skunk #1 Pheno
UK Cheese Description:
This strain is unusually bright green and can produce large, dense, crunchy flowers wrapped with chunky trichomes. The scent is very close to an old-school skunk, with slight "cheesy" accents.

Medical Benefits:
The UK is a true hybrid, and is ideal for treating daytime pain, anxiety, restlessness, and offers a slight mental stimulation with a stoney finish.

Patient Feedback:
Woody OG 70% Sativa – 30% Indica Hindu Kush x O.G. Kush x Master Kush
Woody OG Description:
This strain is a cross of a number of Kush strains and tends to have a good amount of variation between batches. It is 'in between" the Hindu and the OG Kush strains as it often retains the signature OG smell with more of an Afghani-Hindu bud structure.

Medical Benefits:
Woody OG is an uplifting sativa without the signature up-and-down of an OG strain. It can be a fairly mild, yet produces a thoroughly enjoyable high under most conditions.

Patient Feedback:
XXX 85% Sativa – 15% Indica Chem Dawg x (Chem dawg x OG)
Blue Cheese Description:
This Chem Dawg and OG cross is a popular Southern California Kush. The Bay Area variety has light-colored,  fluffy buds that resemble Chem Dawg significantly more than OG. The resin, on the other hand, is thick but not as sticky as a typical OG. The taste is slightly more mild than Chem Dawg, with pine and diesel accents.

Medical Benefits:
This strain yields a well-balanced head high that lasts for hours.

Patient Feedback:
Strain Name I/S Breakdown Genetics / Lineage:
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Indica dominant hybrids are strains that contain both cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. They lean toward the Indica (relaxation, pain relief), but retain some of the medicinal qualities of a sativa. With the many combinations and complex genetics of modern hybrids, it is impossible to generalize about the qualities of hybrids' smoke, high or other characteristics, which are truly dependent on the particular strain. Get to know each strain in order to understand its unique medical benefits.
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Berry White Indica Dominant Hybrid Blueberry x White Widow
Berry White Description:
Sour berries dominate the taste and smell of this bud. Released as a "celebrity seed" alongside Jennifer Afghaniston, Patrick Swazi, Elvis Press and others for a limited time in the UK. 

Medical Benefits:
This strain eases anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis and nausea. It also elevates appetite and mood.

Patient Feedback:
Blackberry OG Kush 20% Sativa – 80% Indica Blackberry Kush (Afghani x DJ Shorts Blueberry)
Blackberry OG Kush Description:
Blackberry OG buds are dark green and purple. This strain has an OG bud structure with hints of purple. It smells sweet and has a grape-candy aftertaste. 

Medical Benefits:
Blackberry OG is effective for body aches and pains, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety and depression. This strain has the strong effects of the OG, but is much heavier because it is crossed with such an intense indica. The end result is something very unique and very heavy. 

Patient Feedback:
Blueberry 80% Sativa – 20% Indica Purple Thai x Afghani
Blueberry Description:
The buds of this strain are fox-tailed and have a structure similar to Sour Diesel, but are darker, with bright color hairs. The buds are lavender in color, while the smell and taste is reminiscent of blueberries, but a bit muskier. The smoke is not too harsh and the high gets increasingly stronger, inducing an almost euphoric feeling.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great for all mild body aches and pains, insomnia, depression and loss of appetite.

Patient Feedback:
Big Book of Buds #1 Pg. 19
Bubba Kush Indica dominant hybrid Afghani land-race variety
Bubba Kush Description:
This strain is thought to be an Afghani land-race variety. It produces very dense, deep-purple buds with white crystals, yielding very sticky flowers. Bubba has a classic spicy "kush" scent, with slight hints of ginger and pine, giving it an amazing taste that's not too harsh on the throat or lungs. 

Medical Benefits:
It produces an immediate, overwhelming sativa head rush that develops into a lingering body effect. This "couch-lock" strain could easily put you to sleep. It's great for insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, mild body aches and pains and glaucoma. 

Patient Feedback:
Cherry AK-47 40% Sativa – 60% Indica AK-47 x Cherry Pie Kush
Cherry AK-47 Description:
This is one of the most beautifully resinous and colored strains. White and reddish trichomes cover even the fan leaves, while deep reds and purples dominate the rest of the bud down to the stem. With smells ranging from fruit loops to cherry pie, this bud is a connoisseur's dream! An incredible cherry flavor rushes your taste buds on inhalation, while a sweet pine flavor builds on exhaling, and leaves your head buzzing.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is effective in treating pain relief, anxiety, depression and inflammation.

Patient Feedback:
Cherry Kush 40% Sativa – 60% Indica  
Cherry Kush Description:
Cherry Kush has a very pungent-berry smell, with a unique kushy undertone. These buds have a vibrant medium-green color, thick orange hairs and a dense bud structure, including a dense layer of trichomes. It has a distinct cherry flavor with a hashy, woodsy finish. 

Medical Benefits:
The relaxed, yet stimulating high begins like a typical sativa and slowly but powerfully blends into a relaxed, stony high. This strain is effective in treating migraines, nausea, mild/severe pain, ADD/ADHD, inflammation, eating disorders and depression.

Patient Feedback:
Crown Royal Purple 20% Sativa – 80% Indica Hawaiian Sativa x Mikado x Unknown Purple
These fluffy buds taste of citrus and pine on the inhale, with a smooth exhale and hint of purple. The beautiful, deep purple flowers have dark red hairs and are covered in white crystals, appearing as if they have been frosted with sugar.

Medical Benefits:
Although this strain is purple dominant, it has a strong head high that can be felt immediately. This feeling is followed by the typical relaxation of a purple, but more clear-headed.

Patient Feedback:
This strain is great for people who like purple strains, but not the sleepy feeling they often yield. 
Gemstone 25% Sativa – 75% Indica Northern Lights x Lavender x Sour Diesel x Skunk #1
Gemstone Description:
As its genetics would suggest, this strain looks like a cross of every popular cannabis strain blended together into one. Light-green, dark-green, purple, lavender and bright red hairs can all be found on any nug of Gemstone. Its smell and taste is extremely strong, and both are dominated by a sweet overtone with an astringent, almost artificial smelling undertone. 

Medical Benefits:
This strain has a psychedelic headiness that comes around to be very body heavy and sedating later on. This strain is a very well-balanced indica hybrid, so it is great for those that like the relaxing sedation of an indica without causing too much drowsiness.

Patient Feedback:
God's Gift 35% Sativa – 65% Indica Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain has a fruity, sweet-grape, candy-taste with dense buds and many trichomes. It has become Bay Area connoisseur favorite because of its unique characteristics and effects. 

Medical Benefits:
God's Gift has some of the best characteristics of a purple strain, without the extreme sleepy effect that most purples yield. The effect is soothing, heavy and focusing at the same time.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 pg. 138, Big Book of Buds #2 pg. 91
Gorilla 20% Sativa – 80% Indica Fucking Incredible x Big Bud
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain is dark purple with a thick and earthy taste and smell.

Medical Benefits:
Gorilla is surprisingly sedating and is definitely a creeper. This strain is great for nighttime pain relief, anxiety relief or sleep aid. It will make you tingle from head to toe, take you  around the world twice and leave you right back on your couch.

Patient Feedback:
Grape God 30% Sativa – 70% Indica God-bud x Grapefruit
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain has typical northern California purple characteristics, with a very sweet grapey smell and earthy flavor.

Medical Benefits:
It produces an even head-body high, which makes it a versatile medicine. Grape God is great for relaxing at home and is known to relieve stress, pain and anxiety. 

Patient Feedback:
Grapefruit Diesel 40% Sativa – 60% Indica Grapefruit x Sour Diesel
Blue Cheese Description:
This lengthy hybrid strain produces large, purple buds that grow on a more sativa-looking plant.

Medical Benefits:
It is great for purple lovers who don't like the sleep-inducing effects of most purples. Grapefruit Diesel is also a good choice for sativa fans who want something for the evening.

Patient Feedback:
Hindu Cheese Indica dominant Hybrid Hindu Skunk x Cheese
This strain has a similar taste and smell to the Cheese strain, with the earthy, spicy undertones of the Hindu.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is a great hybrid that isn't overwhelmingly strong. It has a nice, mellow effect that won't make you pass out on your couch and won't keep you up thinking all night.

Patient Feedback:
Hindu Skunk 20% Sativa – 80% Indica Hindu Kush x Skunk #1
Hindu Skunk Description:
This popular strain yields a taste that is extremely spicy and an effect that is very strong. It tends to be harsh on the inhale, but this varietal has a lot to offer with a strong relaxing effect.

Medical Benefits:
Hindu Skunk usually yields a clear buzz and a slightly delayed effect. 

Patient Feedback:
Jedi 20% Sativa – 80% Indica White Rhino x Lion's Gate
This indica-dominant hybrid grows large, dark-green colas. Jedi is known for its long brownish-red hairs that literally cover its buds. This strain is most popular in Southern California dispensaries, but is often found up north as well.

Medical Benefits:
Jedi is very relaxing without being too sleep-inducing. It has similar characteristics to White Rhino in that it looks and smells more like a sativa, but the effect is "couch-lock city." 

Patient Feedback:
Lavender 30% Sativa – 70% Indica Big Skunk Korean x Afghani Hawaiian X Super Skunk
Lavender Description:
Lavender is a dense, light-purple, indica hybrid. The buds are consistent in size, with a tinge of purple and a nice layer of trichomes. The smell resembles wet lavender, with hints of flowery, perfume-like overtones.

Medical Benefits:
It's a versatile strain that can be both relaxing to the point of sleep or simply clear the mind and relieve stress.

Patient Feedback:
Maui Purple 20% Sativa – 80% Indica Granddaddy Purple x Maui Wowie
Maui Purple Description:
This strain yields large, purple buds that are extremely dark in color. Although this strain is extremely potent, it is not particularly crystally, and is more likely to have a few large resin glands.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great for relaxing at the end of a long day. It will yield a relaxing affect that will likely put you in a pleasant mood, helping you zone out and calm your mind.

Patient Feedback:
Mazar 20% Sativa – 80% Indica Afghani strain from Mazar-i-Sharif x Skunk #1
Blue Cheese Description:
This Dutch passion seed is very popular in Europe and has much variation in its phenotypes. There are several American varieties that are characterized by their large buds (mostly colas), paired with a piney smell.

Medical Benefits:
This strain has so much variation that its medical benefits may vary from batch to batch.

Patient Feedback:
Big Book of Buds # 2 pg. 88
Mr. Nice 35% Sativa – 65% Indica G-13 x Hash Plant
Blue Cheese Description:
There are two Mr. Nice strains and both produce buds that are soft purple in color and covered with crystals. Usually on the smaller side, these buds rarely cure to a dense crunchiness. Instead, they are left soft and sticky.

Medical Benefits:
This is a unique hybrid that produces a calming sensation, with low psychoactive effect, or "fuzziness."

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 2 pg. 17
MSM Mr. Nice 35% Sativa – 65% Indica Grandaddy Purple x Trainwreck
MSM Mr. Nice Description:
This variety of Mr. Nice Strain is more commonly offered at Medithrive. Both Mr. Nice strains produce buds that are soft purple in color and covered with crystals. Usually on the smaller side, these buds rarely cure to a dense crunchiness. Instead, they are left soft and sticky.

Medical Benefits:
This unique hybrid produces a calming sensation, with low psychoactive effect, or "fuzziness."

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 2 pg. 17
Purple AK-47 25% Sativa – 75% Indica Grandaddy Purple x AK-47
This strain is seen in cannabis clubs in both Northern California and Southern California, and is favored among nighttime patients. Despite its aggressive name, AK-47 has many peaceful tendencies. First bred in 1992, the name suggests the power packed in its dark, resinous, compact buds that bristle with red hairs and glistening trichomes. AK-47 has a spicy aroma, bordering on skunk, with hints of woodsy undertones. It tastes sweeter and more floral than the smell might lead one to expect.

Medical Benefits:
After the sweet, dank, grape flavor hits your taste buds, a mellow, relaxing high follows. Purple AK-47 is not likely to give you couch-lock, as the Sativa AK-47 in this hybrid delivers noticeable heady effects that awaken the senses. This strain is effective for treating pain (especially during the daytime), nausea, anxiety, depression and migraines.

Patient Feedback:
Purple AK-47 can be a little spacey, but is great for playing and listening to music and relaxing at home with friends or other social activities.
Purple Bubba Indica dominant hybrid The Purps and the notorious Blue Buddha
Blue Cheese Description:
The buds of this strain smell extremely fruity, light and floral. The taste is a noticeable combination of grape and fruit flavors, with a definite hash accent on the exhale. You get the purple on the front end, sweet and soft, and the Bubba Kush on the back end, harsh and peppery. This strain will lock you hopelessly on your couch. A magnificent nighttime bud.

Medical Benefits:
The effect of this potent strain is immediate. An overwhelmingly powerful, yet pleasant, body high creeps up on you with slight noticeable cerebral stimulation. Purple Bubba is extremely effective in dealing with anxiety, chronic pain, loss of appetite, migraines and inflammation.

Patient Feedback:
Purple Dawg 40% Sativa – 60% Indica Grandaddy Purple x Chem Dawg
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain has a fresh smell with moderate undertones of citrus and pine.

Medical Benefits:
It yields an effect that is clear, social and very energetic, inspiring motivation and focus. Audiovisual stimulation makes for a relaxed state of mind and pleasant body buzz. There is also a calming effect that helps with stress, depression, migraines and pain relief, while stimulating appetite.

Patient Feedback:
Querkle 20% Sativa – 80% Indica Purple Erkle x Space Queen
Querkle Description:
This TGA seeds strain took Subcool 10 years to perfect, with its lemon-berry aroma and incredible taste of sour-grape gum. A deep purple coloring from the buds to the fan leaves and tinted resin are common characteristic of this heavy flower. Querkle is great for low ceiling grows due to its short, fat, indica plant formation. It is common in the Bay Area as a mid-grade strain.

Medical Benefits:
This bud is recommended for nighttime use, but more experienced users may feel comfortable medicating with it during the daytime, as it generally does not induce couch-lock. It can alleviate a wide array of ailments including chronic pain, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, anorexia and migraines.

Patient Feedback:
Skywalker 20% Sativa – 80% Indica Mazar x Blueberry
Skywalker Description:
This strain is known for producing large flowers that are distinctly sweet in smell and taste. The combination of Mazar and Blueberry creates a unique indica with dynamic effects. Its characteristics are closer to Purple Kush or Purple Diesel.

Medical Benefits:
Skywalker is a great indica with a low couch-lock factor. This strain is ideal for people who like indicas they can use during the day. Skywalker will leave you with a clear head and relaxed body.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 Page 193
Snow Cap 80% Sativa – 20% Indica Originated in Amsterdam from Sensi Seeds
Blue Cheese Description:
Snow cap is often produced in large, commercial grows because of its high yield and quick finish. When done correctly, this strain produces a very unique piney-sweet smell and large, sticky buds.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is heavy, relaxing and not very functional. Its effects can be extremely euphoric, making Snow Cap good for those that want to relax and reduce anxiety.

Patient Feedback:
now Cap produces beautiful large buds, but they are sometimes prone to mold or bud-rot because of their size. This can sometimes be found in the big buds between the stem and nug.
Tangerine Indica - dominant Flo (DJ Short strain) X Grapefruit
Tangerine Description:
This relatively rare strain from Colorado produces large, round buds with bright-red hairs. Its unique sweet smell could be described as astringent or like fresh pealed tangerines. 

Medical Benefits:
Tangerine can be stoney and euphoric, producing instantaneous body relaxation and pain relief. This strain is effective for many sleep and anxiety disorders, and also helps patients tolerate the side-effects of cancer and HIV/AIDS treatments.

Patient Feedback:
Many patients say it produces a tasty and potent tincture.
Vanilla Kush Indica dominant hybrid Kashmir x Afghan
Vanilla Kush Description:
A 2009 Cannabis Cup winner, Vanilla Kush is a relatively new Indica-dominant strain. This strain smells like wild vanilla and lavender, with hints of lemon and orange peel. Its taste is sweet, clean and mildly citrusy, with fruity, floral and herbal notes.

Medical Benefits:
Its long lasting effects are good for elevating mood, relaxing both mind and body and alleviating muscle pain.

Patient Feedback:
White Rhino 30% Sativa – 70% Indica White Widow x unknown North American Indica
Blue Cheese Description:
Although this strain is a cross of the famous sativa, White Widow, this plant grows bushy and stout. White Rhino is known for its indica dominant effects, but it also yields the high and heady sativa effect of White Widow. The plant originally hails from Afghanistan, Brazil and India. This strain is a unique connoisseur's delight.

Medical Benefits:
White Rhino is for those who want something relaxing, but not sleep-inducing. This strain can provide great pain relief, without causing significant drowsiness.

Patient Feedback:
Big Book of Buds #3 Page 188
Strain Name I/S Breakdown Genetics / Lineage:
Cannabis Indica strains are often characterized by their heavy effect on the body. They are great for relaxation, stress relief and for creating an overall sense of calm and serenity. These strains are also very effective for relieving body pain and are commonly used in the treatment of insomnia. Indica strains are often the preferred medicine during the evening, as patients often find indica's beneficial in sleep aid and general relaxation at the end of the day. 
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Afghani 100% Indica Originating in the Afghanistan
Afghani Description:
This pure, land-race strain originated in the Hindu Kush Mountains and surrounding Middle Eastern areas. Many strains have been crossed and bread with Afghani strains in the hope of taking on its heavy, hard-hitting effects. It produces dark-colored buds with bright orange hairs, sometimes with purple highlights. This strain is known for having small, tight and dense buds opposed to big fluffy ones.

Medical Benefits:
This strain has relaxing qualities; it will make your eyes lay low and sink you into your couch. It's known to help ease back and migraine pains, assist with sleep aid and ease anxiety disorders.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 1 pg. 27
Afgooey 10% Sativa – 90% Indica Maui Haze x Afghani
Afgooey Description:
There are many different versions of this strain, but the variety most popular in the Bay Area is often called "Goo." It has a very unique grape smell, similar to purple grape, but even sweeter and more astringent, almost like grape soda. It grows in a pine-tree formation and produces large cola's.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is very relaxing, occasionally producing a strong narcotic effect, but isn't as groggy or sleep-inducing as most purple strains. It eases anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis and nausea, as well as elevating appetite and enhancing mood.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 2 pg. 9
Black Domina 100% Indica Afghani x Ortega 6 x Hash Plant
Black Domina Description:
This strain's resinous buds range from a harsh peppery scent to the darker undertones of blackberries. The taste is peppery and spicy with a hint of sweet.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great as a night cap. Its heavy effects and strong high will help you relax and is the perfect sleep aide.

Patient Feedback:
Big Book of Buds # 1 pg. 16
Blackberry 10% Sativa – 90% Indica Black Domina x Raspberry Cough
Blue Cheese Description:
These buds are a light, faded-green color with purple undertones and purple veins throughout. Some phenotypes finish almost completely mauve or purple. The smoke is heavy with a hint of berry, though not harsh. It has more weight than flavor. Like the buds themselves, the high is fluffy and airy, but finishes on the indica side.

Medical Benefits:
This strain increases appetite and eases chronic pain and nausea.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 2 pg. 27
Blackberry Bubba Kush 10% Sativa – 90% Indica Blackberry Kush (Afghan x DJ Shorts Blueberry)
Blackberry Bubba Kush Description:
This strain yields a potent high that is so heavy on the body, it can almost be overwhelming. The buds are dark purple with orange hairs and white or amber crystals. It has a piney smell and a sweet earthy taste.

Medical Benefits:
Blackberry Bubba Kush is great for relieving anxiety, depression, insomnia, body aches and pains, loss of appetite and nausea. It can also help patients tolerate the effects of cancer and HIV/AIDS treatments.

Patient Feedback:
This strain has amazing pain-relieving qualities. Many of our patients find that it can be used to replace vicodin, hydrocodon and morphine.
Blueberry Cotton Candy 10% Sativa – 90% Indica Blueberry Kush (Afghani x DJ Shorts Blueberry)
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain is deep purple and almost black in color. It has a very sweet smell.

Medical Benefits:
Its effect isn't overwhelmingly strong, but would be effective for treating mild insomnia and mild body aches and pains. This strain has some purple genetics, but tends to have more depth because of its Kush genetics.

Patient Feedback:
Bubblegum 1 15% Sativa – 85% Indica Big Skunk x NL #5
Blue Cheese Description:
This strain produces colors rarely found on cannabis, sometimes appearing blue or blue-green. It is named for its sweet, almost artificial smell. This plant is fickle and is known to be a low producer.

Medical Benefits:
It is surprisingly uplifting and euphoric for an indica-dominant strain, making it a good choice for those that like these functional qualities, but prefer an indica.

Patient Feedback:
Burkle 100% Indica Blueberry (DJ Short) x Purple Erkle
Burkle Description:
This strain produces beautiful, deep, lavender-colored buds that are generally small and dense. Its buds are always crystal packed, with fire-red hairs, and a subtle fruity flavor.

Medical Benefits:
It yields an immediate heavy body high. The effects of this strain would be great for insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea and pain relief.

Patient Feedback:
Dabney Blue 100% Indica Unknown origins
Dabney Blue Description:
This strain was derived from DJ Short's Blueberry. It is believed to be a land-race strain, but from unknown origins. This strain is characterized by really dense buds with a very musky smell on the front end, finishing with a lighter blueberry-muffin smell that lingers. Dabney buds are crystal-packed and have a variety of colors: light-green, dark-green, purple and mauve. The taste is very skunky with a touch of blueberry.

Medical Benefits:
The effect is a very strong body high with some lightness. It tends to be "giggly," while still leaving you in a couch lock. This strain is great for insomnia, severe body aches and pains, loss of appetite, nausea and inflammation. 

Patient Feedback:
Durga Mata 100% Indica Super Shiva x Super Shiva
This strain gives off a smell that is spicy and sweet. It resembles a Turkish fruit and has hints of mint.

Medical Benefits:
It yields a heavy, sleepy effect and is good for pain relief, insomnia, relaxation and anxiety.

Patient Feedback:
Green Erkle 100% Indica Most often grown outdoors
Green Erkle Description:
This strain is a purple erkle variety that is most often grown outdoors where it is not cold enough to turn purple. These small, dense buds have hints of purple and a sweet taste.

Medical Benefits:
It is great for the evening for a mild effect, and is never overwhelmingly strong.

Patient Feedback:
Grandaddy Purple (GDP) 10% Sativa – 90% Indica Unknown origins
Grandaddy Purple Description:
This strain has much variation. GDP produces small, tight purple buds that have a uniquely fabulous sweet, purple scent.

Medical Benefits:
Patients love this strain because it is extremely relaxing. For many, it is the quintessential indica: serious sleepy-time. It is also great for easing anxiety, migraines, muscle tension and pain.

Patient Feedback:
Grape Ape Indica Northern California Area
Grape Ape Description:
 As with GDP, this strain experiences a good amount of variation from batch to batch. It generally has an extremely sweet smell and buds that are slightly larger and longer than GDP.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is great for inducing sleep and easing anxiety, migraines, muscle tension and pain.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 pg. 97
Grapefruit "California" 100% Indica Originating in Afghanistan 
Grapefruit Description:
This strain is very stinky, with a subtle grape-like, earthy flavor. The variety most found in the Bay Area has spicy Kush buds with dark-green leaves. The smell is similar to Bubba: sweet, spicy and piney.

Medical Benefits:
This strain is potent and heavy enough to treat most chronic pain ailments. It can also be used to effectively treat insomnia or anxiety.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 1 pg. 89
(NL) X Blackberry Bubba Kush 100% Indica NL x Blackberry Bubba Kush
X Blackberry Bubba Kush Description:
This strain produces large, heavy, crystal-packed buds and is consistently one of the highest-yielding strains in the Bay Area. Although this bud naturally creates a dark backdrop to make the crystals pop, it also has a good amount of fuzz that isn't necessarily trichrome resin.

Medical Benefits:
This strain has been gaining steady popularity in the Bay Area for its hard-hitting indica effects. It seems to have all the best qualities of an indica with none of the bad. It is couch-locking, but it doesn't have the fuzzy, psychoactive effects that many patients find unpleasant. This strain helps patients tolerate the effects of cancer and HIV/AIDS treatments.

Patient Feedback:
This strain has amazing pain-relieving qualities. Many of our patients find that it can be used to replace pain medication like vicodin, hydrocodon and morphine.
Purple Erkle 100% Indica In Northern California
Purple Erkle

Purple Erkle comes from a Mendo Purps phenotype and is native to the notorious "Emerald Triangle" in Northern California. When properly grown and harvested, Purple Erkle is characterized by unusually long, orange hairs covering small, dense purple buds. The color is a purple, much like that found on quality strains of Lavender. This strain holds a skunky scent with a thick grape taste, reminiscent of GDP, with an extremely fruity exhale.

Medical Benefits:
This Indica strain is not for the novice patient, as many smokers have reported the effects as intense or overwhelming. Purple Erkle is great nighttime medicine for relieving pain, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, depression and migraines.

Patient Feedback:
Cannabible 3 Page 181

Purple Kush 100% Indica Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
Purple Kush Description:
The genetics of this strain include Northern Lights, Skunk  and Afghani. Romulan is a beautiful strain, producing a variety of colors on the buds, leaves and even stems. This strain produces light-green, fluffy buds covered in white and yellow crystals.

Medical Benefits:
Although Romulan is a pure indica, it is not overly drowsy. This strain could be described as offering a physical, trippy, sensual and relaxing experience with high functionality. These traits make it popular for those who require pain relief with no desire for a lethargic or sleepy feeling.

Patient Feedback:
Purple Nurple 100% Indica GDP x Mendo Purps x Purple Kush x Unknown Purple
This strain, like many other purple strains, is native to Northern California's "Emerald Triangle." Much like its purple cousin, the Grandaddy Purple, Purple Nurple has an incredible sweet flavor and deep-body high. This strain produces tight, dense, purple buds with a heavy coating of trichomes.

Medical Benefits:
It is a great medicine for chronic pain, stress relief, anxiety, bipolar disorder, nervousness, Alzheimer's, migraines and nausea.

Patient Feedback:
Purple Odyssey 1 10% Sativa – 90% Indica Grandaddy Purple x Odyssey
Odyssey was originally developed by Hope Net dispensary in San Francisco, but was so popular it has since been distributed throughout California. This strain is typically dark purple with even darker undertones. It retains the Odyssey smell, while the taste mixes the floral notes of the purple with the earthy tones of the odyssey.

Medical Benefits:
An immediate, uplifting head high keeps you active and energetic. A slight hybrid effect develops as the medicine runs its course. Purple Odyssey is effective at enhancing mood and for treating depression, chronic pain, stress, anxiety and nervousness.

Patient Feedback:
Romulan 100% Indica Northern Lights x Skunk x Afghani
Romulan Description:
The genetics of this strain include Northern Lights, Skunk  and Afghani. Romulan is a beautiful strain, producing a variety of colors on the buds, leaves and even stems. This strain produces light-green, fluffy buds covered in white and yellow crystals.

Medical Benefits:

This strain has unique relaxing qualities; it will make your eyes lay low and sink you into your couch. This strain is known to help ease back and migraine pains, assist with sleep and ease anxiety disorders. 

Patient Feedback:
Ron Burgundy 100% Indica A Cross of four Northern California Purples
Ron Burgundy Description:
This is a high-yielding purple strain with dark resinous flowers sprinkled with large shiny trichomes. The large, dense buds have a sweet, floral taste.

Medical Benefits:
Ron Burgundy, as with most purples, is a relaxing flower, effective for insomnia and serious pain relief.

Patient Feedback:
Sweet Tooth 100% Indica From the Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Blueberry pools
Sweet Tooth Description:
This strain is essentially a back-cross of itself: a British Columbian Sweet Tooth seed x Sweet Tooth #3. Despite its genetics, this strain is sweet, but not in a purple way. The smell resembles gingerbread with a bit of spice. The buds are rock-hard, deep green, almost oblong-shaped and crystal-covered.

Medical Benefits:
This indica is a great daytime medicine. It offers a very relaxing, calming and sometimes euphoric experience without causing sleepiness.

Patient Feedback:
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[youtube] "The endocannabinoid system refers to a group of neuromodulatory lipids and their receptors that are involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory; it mediates the psychoactive effects of cannabis and, broadly speaking, includes:

-The cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, two G protein-coupled receptors that are located in the central and peripheral nervous systems, respectively.

-The endogenous arachidonate-based lipids, anandamide (N-arachidonoylethanolamide, AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG); these are known as "endocannabinoids" and are physiological ligands for the cannabinoid receptors.

-The enzymes that synthesize and degrade the endocannabinoids. Unlike traditional neurotransmitters, endogenous cannabinoids are not stored in vesicles after synthesis, but are synthesized on demand (Rodriguez de Fonseca et al., 2004).

However, some evidence suggests that a pool of synthesized endocannabinoids (namely, 2-AG) may exist without the requirement of on-demand synthesis."


"Dr. Frankel demonstrates the structure of the CBD molecule as well as it's relationship to THC. The Doctor explains some of the key differences between THC and CBD as well as some new hope in cancer research"


"From 2727 B.C. to the present, Weeds presents a brief history of cannabis"

Should San Francisco Build Hemp Houses?!

"Hemp can be made into any building material, including fiberboard, roofing, flooring, wallboard, caulking, cement, paint, paneling, particleboard, plaster, plywood, reinforced concrete, insulation, insulation panels, spray-on insulation, concrete pipes, bricks, and biodegradable plastic composites which are tougher than steel. [youtube]

Foundations can be made out of hemp hurds, a processed based on ancient technology adapted for modern use. To do this, set up a plywood frame (preferably hemp plywood), then fill with a mixture of hemp hurd (wood chip-like substance) and combine with lime, sand, plaster, some cement, and enough water to dampen, and let the mixture set for a day. Then take the frame down, but let the mixture continue to harden for about a week. The lime and the hurds create a chemical reaction which binds the mixture together. Amazingly these structures continue to get harder and stronger everyday until they fossilize, as is testament by a 6th century hemp-reinforced bridge in France. After this happens, the hemp foundation walls are as strong as stone.

Hemp foundation walls are 7 times stronger than concrete foundations, half as light, and three times as elastic, which means that these building will bend, but not break. Because of their superior strength and flexibility, hemp foundations are resistant to stress-induced cracking and breaking. Even earthquakes and other natural disaster cannot break or crack these structures.

Hemp foundation homes and buildings are self-insulated, including thermal and sound insulation, resistant to rotting, rodents, insects, and they are fire proof, waterproof, weather resistant, and the walls breath so the rooms do not get stuffy. Hemp homes stay warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

If hemp were legal in the United States, it would be the cheapest source of raw material for concrete-like foundations. Plus hemp hurds can be processed in existing wood mills without major changes to the equipment. Hemp-foundation homes are ecologically appropriate because they are inexpensive, and can be prepared on site using only a cement mixer, and the material would be cheap and abundant.

Cannabis: It's Not Just Medicine!

Germany and France are using hemp for construction material, replacing drywall and plywood. A French company has built over 250 homes using hemp materials. Hemp homes have also been built on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Using hemp is economically smart and ecologically appropriate, plus the homes built with hemp are as hard as stone and are not subject to natural disaster."

Imagine if hemp homes started popping up in San Francisco. Now consider highway pillars, overpasses, skyscrapers, and sidewalks?!

San Francisco wants to be green - and we demand sustainability: let's grow industrial hemp domestically to keep the cost down. This is a great alternative to current methods - which poison our environment and destroy our beloved city!

Hemp isn't marijuana - it's a cash crop.

Pax Vaporizer Is Our Portable Vaporizer Of Choice!

[youtube=] A proper vaporizer is designed to heat medical cannabis to a point where the trichomes evaporate. Premium vaporizers will leave the plant material untouched (or browned). When you burn your cannabis with a flame – it combusts.

Combustion causes smoke, and smoke adds poisons to your medical marijuana. By vaporizing, you avoid combustion altogether; thus opening the door to a more pleasant, safe, and effective cannabis experience.

A proper vaporizer will heat the trichomes - which are the active medical compounds found in marijuana - into a concentrated vapor cloud. Though the vapor puff is faint and difficult to see – it is chock full of potent cannabinoids!

The true value of a quality vaporizer is that every puff is pure cannabinoids - nothing else!  Medical cannabinoids like Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), and others empower the therapeutic potential of medical marijuana. By vaporizing, you get all the benefits of medical cannabis, while escaping the dangers of smoke (and carcinogens like benzapyrene).

Patients seeking the immediate benefits of inhaled medical marijuana should consider vaporization their best option because of the following reasons:

Quick Effect: Cannabis vapor enters the bloodstream in seconds; patients have instantaneous gratification from a proper dose.

Convenient: Most vaporizers heat up in seconds; they are self-contained and reliable.

Precise: Pick your heat temperature and know your dosage on a per-puff basis.

Pleasant: Taste flavors normally lost to flame, and enjoy the smokeless, ash-less experience.

Using a vaporizer allows patients to absorb a cloud of cannabinoids. Though every dose is nearly invisible to the eye – they are pleasantly flavorful and potent.  A proper vaporizer will heat medical marijuana to a temperature between 355°-385°F, resulting in a perfect puff of vapor that doesn’t irritate the throat, nor cause coughing fits.

The Digital Volcano is the pinnacle of desktop vaporizer technology because it is consistent, effective, and safe. However, the bulky vaporizer can be cumbersome and difficult to transport. But, sometimes, patients need to medicate away from home - making desktop vaporizer inconvenient and not ideal.

Say hello to PAX - the ideal vaporizer!

It’s called Pax and it looks like something you might find at an Apple store. Without exaggeration, we’re confident saying that Pax would be Steve Job’s vaporizer of choice! It is the only vaporizer that actually looks like it belongs next to a Macbook Pro.  In a sentence: Pax delivers all that Apple represents (quality, reliability, style) to medical marijuana patients everywhere!

  • Pax is efficient (3 specific temperature settings of Low = 370F, Medium = 390F, High = 410F).
  • Pax is affordable (only $250 – versus $600+ for a Volcano – and you suddenly don’t need lighters, hempwick, ashtrays, pipes, papers or anything patients use to smoke medical cannabis).
  • Pax is reliable (with not only a 10 year limited warranty, but a lithium ion battery to hold a perfect charge).

Since we will be selling PAX at Bloom Room (stay tuned for details!) - we thought you might enjoy this short video, which illustrates the simplicity of PAX in use and maintenance  We like it best how they describe PAX as a "precision instrument." In other words, a dirty PAX is no PAX at all. Keep you wonderful vaporizers clean for exceptional performance and a consistently pleasant experience!


Here's a fellow San Franciscan Activist, Coral Reefer of, describing her experience with PAX. Because of it's portability and low-key design, it makes for a great commute!