fire bar

Bhang Chocolate: Premium, Lab-Tested Edibles

The Fire Bar has 180mg of THC & less than 9mg of CBD/ CBN. It is considered a triple dose bar: each of the four segments contains 30mg of tetrahydrocannabinol. bhangfacebook


When it comes to medical cannabis edibles, there are few ways to guarantee potency, safety, and consistency without rigorous laboratory testing. At the Bloom Room, we think lab-tested products are an essential part of the medical-cannabis industry. By quantifying the potency of these products, manufacturers offer patients more than just shot-in-the-dark medicine.

Why leave patients guessing after every dose? Why leave the outcome of a daily dosage up to chance?

When a patient takes Advil or Ambiant - they read the label, identify their ideal dosage, and ingest the necessary amount. This process of educating the patient prior to ingestion increases safety, prevents error, and ensures they'll have a positive experience with medical cannabis.

In San Francisco, many collectives are lab-testing their entire line of medical cannabis products. These dispensaries are at the forefront of modern marijuana medicine, since they are approaching the plant as a normal source of medical therapy. Nobody would ever trust an unlabeled bottle of Tylenol - it'd be far too dangerous to ingest an unmarked pill of any kind!

Why should anyone want to guess when it comes to their medical cannabis?

That is why Bloom Room is prioritizing lab-tested, medical marijuana products like Bhang Chocolate and Auntie Dolores, while we look into getting our entire menu assessed for poisons and potency. We want every patient to have a great experience with their medicine - and we will do all that we can to ensure that cannabis is a consistent source of relief and satisfaction!

It's not just about potency - it's about standards. And, here at Bloom Room, we like to believe that we're well about them. After all, it's about safety in medicine, efficacy with cannabinoids, and wellness for our patients :)