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BloomBashSF to Celebrate Bloom Room SF's First-Year Anniversary

Raw Papers, Free Marijuana Joints, and Edibles All Day Saturday! You can also look forward to Samples of Bhang Chocolate's Caramel CBD Bar, Auntie Dolores Edibles, as well as the Volcano and Vapir Rise Vapor Hookah Experience!


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Medical Marijuana and the Era of Laboratory Testing

At Bloom Room, lab-tested medicine means our patients enjoy consistent, potent, and safe Imagecannabis. To us, manufacturers like Auntie Dolores [] and Bhang Chocolate [] provide patients with premium medicine. Instead of relying on collectives (like us!) to assess their inventory, some manufacturers take it upon themselves to deliver products that have already been thoroughly examined! We love it when products come through our doors - ready to offer our patients the professional, medical-cannabis experience without any help.

This post is a big thanks to the great groups out there that have worked so hard to raise the bar for the medical cannabis community. Sure, lab results aren't necessary - but they do offer more information to our patients; And, if that information helps them make a more informed decision - then Bloom Room is happy to see lab-results on more of our products :)

In fact, we're thinking about testing our entire product line for potency and safety! The only question is: how important are lab results to you?