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Strawberry Cough (S)
25.1% THC 0.3%CBD [Strawberry Fields X Haze]
Strawberry Cough is a classic strain genetic and this grower has done a fantastic job of emphasizing the true characteristics of this strain. These buds are dense light green and covered in shiny crystals.

The effect of this strain is creative and cerebral but still allows the patient to remain stable in their verbal interaction. This strain is the perfect medicine for going out and socializing or taking on a project from a new perspective. Also this strain is one of our highest testers ever coming in just over 25% THC.
Blackberry Bubba Kush (I)
THC-14.3% CBD-0.2% [Blackberry x Bubba Kush] Blackberry Bubba Kush packs the best of two great Indicas into beautiful, dense buds. Trichomes flow generously over light green buds with deep purple accents and the sweet hints of fresh berries make its aroma unforgettable. The effects are all Indica. If any cannabis strain is going to give you couch lock, it's this one. It provides immediate relief from pain, stress and anxiety. You'll feel a wonderful , relaxing connection with your body and mind. Be careful, don't fall asleep on MUNI after medicating.
Bloom Blend (H)
A mixture of small buds from all the cannabis we've recently processed here at Bloom Room! Stay medicated with a wide range of cannabinoids even if you're on a budget.
Girl Scout Cookies (I/S)
19.6% THC 0.3 CBD [Durban F1 X OG Kush X Cherry Pie Kush]
This hybrid has become one of the most highly sought out strains to the modern cannabis connoisseur and our Girl Scout Cookies delivers that sensational effect promised by this highly interesting genetic combination. Hitting first with a taste reminiscent of the fruity flavors of Durban and Cherry Pie; a canna-fruit salad and with a look mixing the classic light green Durban and purple flowering buds of Cherry Pie all with a deep OG musky undertone. While aroma given by each nug holds almost spicy with the combinations of wood and mint.

Effects begin in the back of the head with a Durban shot to the brain and slowly trickle down with the help of the OG to settle deep in the body with the CBD high strain Cherry Pie Kush. The holy trinity of genetics and one of the most novel hybrids since Blue Dream hit the scene.
Big Lebowski (S/I)
[OG Kush X Ogre X L.A. Confidential X Pineapple] A strain true to it's name the effect of this bud resonates with the aura of 'The Dude'. Buds appear light green with trichomes noticeable from a distance to the naked eye, each one is sticky and grows densely packed. The smell and taste combine the best of both worlds with the intoxicating combination of rich saffron and tropical pineapple. Effects are heavily cerebral with great creativity and energetic stimulation. Both the Ogre and OG within this hybrid allow a mellow body effect that generates pure dudology upon inhalation.
PreRolled Joint
Blend of all strains
Original Bubba Kush
Cherrybomb (I/S)
Northern Lights X Blackberry Bubba Kush X Cherry Pie
JJJ Mini Joints
An eighth of 50% Green Goddess and 50% OG Kush rolled into twelve (12) miniature joints.
Master Yoda OG
Cookie Monster (I/S)
THC - 17.9%, CBD - 0.2% [Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush] Sticky, resinous and dense, these buds offer more than the usual cookies. Buds are murky dark green and purple with bright orange pistils and the taste resonates with the earthy OG deep in the nostrils. Effects will be spacey and very Indica dominant, curing anxiety and body pain for at least an hour and a half. This bud provides the best day time pain relief on the shelves right now, and a great strain for a mellow day off.
Jack Littles
Apple Jacks (S)
Jack Herer x White Widow Apple Jack is an old Dutch strain common to Amsterdam in the early 2000's, now making a comeback in the Bay Area. This strain has big 'pointy' flowers that are very resinous and covered in crystals. This cross of two sativas is energetic and uplifting.
Starburst (I)
Starburst is a new cross of two classic indica strains, Chery Pie and BBK. These Starburst buds are very large and appear very dark in color. Although large, these buds are nice and fluffy.
Blue Dream (S/I)
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