Frequently Asked Questions

Bloom Room Collective, San Francisco

Where are you located?

We are located off Mint Plaza by the Westfield Shopping Center and Union Square in the SOMA district of downtown San Francisco. The Powell Street BART Station is just steps away from our Storefront location as well as Muni lines F, J, K, L, M, N, T, and Bus Lines 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 21, and 38.

Our Address is:
471 Jessie St
San Francisco, CA 94103

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When are you open?

We are open 7 days a week. 
Monday through Saturday 11AM - 9PM and Sunday 11AM - 7PM. 

Do you deliver?

Bloom Room does not deliver, however, we have a beautiful storefront location that can accommodate any medical cannabis patient’s needs. Here at our comfortable clinic, we have all our available strains displayed at the counter so that our patients can thoroughly browse from our large selection and ask questions to our highly knowledgeable staff.

Can I medicate in the store?

Members of the Collective are welcome to use the Volcano Vaporizers in our Vapor lounge to medicate. We offer this safe space to Members as a benefit of membership and no purchase is required to use the Vapor Lounge.  

What other types of medical marijuana do you carry besides flowers?

At the Bloom Room, we carry a variety of products to best suit your needs and your preferred method of medicating. We carry a full collection of cannabis concentrates and extracts like hash oil, cold-water hash, wax, shatter and nectar. We also offer a wide variety of cannabis edibles, topicals and tinctures.
Please, take a look at our Current Menu for a full list of products. 

What is on your menu? Where can I find your online menu?

We carry a large variety of quality products that our professional cannabis consultants would be happy to talk to you about here at our storefront location at 471 Jessie St. Our complete up-to-date menu is available right here on our website under Current Menu. It is updated several times throughout the day to ensure accuracy and convenience for our Members.

What are concentrates / what is a dab?

Concentrates are refined cannabis extracts. Using cannabis flowers, trim, or shake, extract artists remove the active cannabinoids from the plant material. The result is a concentrated version of the medicine from which it came.
A dab is a way of in-taking this cannabis extract through vaporization. Dabbing is when you take a small amount of cannabis concentrate and vaporize it by dropping it directly onto a hot titanium nail or glass piece, then inhale the vapor through a glass water piece.

How do you determine quality of the medical cannabis? 

We utilize full spectrum testing to determine the quality of the medication. This includes potency levels for all available cannabinoids. In addition to potency our testing also screens for any substances like pesticides and mold. This ensures that our medicine is the highest quality, and always safe and potent. 

Do you test for THC and CBD?

Bloom Room opts for full spectrum Lab Testing and Screening. That means, we collect potency data on all available cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, THCV, and CBG. In addition to potency testing, all our medicine is also screened for chemical residue like pesticides or solvents, as well as microbiological organisms like bacteria or mold. The result is quality medicine that is always safe and potent.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in cannabis that has significant medical benefits but does not make the patient feel “stoned”. In fact, CBD can actually counter the psychoactivity of THC. The reduced psychoactivity of CBD-rich cannabis may make it an appealing treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and/or anti-spasm effects without disconcerting lethargy or dysphoria.

How much edible should I eat? What is an edible dose?

Edibles affect everyone differently. Your experience may vary depending on what you’ve eaten and how much you weigh. It is very easy to consume and ingest too much cannabis edibles which can result in varying degrees of temporary anxiety, so please be careful. The best way to see how an edible will affect you is to eat a very little and wait at least two hours before consuming more. You may find that edibles pieces (caramel corn, peanuts, chocolate bites) may be best, because you can eat a couple pieces at a time and sustain a mild medicated affect for a long time. Although overdosing on edibles can be easy, it can only make you feel uncomfortable and is never actually dangerous to your health. 

As far as doses and milligrams, doses are the Edible Chef’s subjective interpretation of what a proper single dose is; the perfect amount for the average person. Milligrams, is a more scientific and accurate way of displaying strength. When an edible maker puts the milligrams of active cannabinoids on their packaging, it’s because they have gotten the edible lab tested and are displaying the lab results. Patients will unlikely feel anything below 10mg. The average (subjective) dose is between 20-50mg although many patients can consume +100mg per day. 

Can I split up my eighth?

We do not split our eighths into grams or half eighths. All our pre-weighed eighths and grams are always weighed over to ensure that they are at least the advertised weight. 

Do you sell ounces?

We offer ounce specials on all our top-shelf strains plus, we have a mix-and-match ounce deal. You may purchase a mix-and-match ounce of which ever 8 eighths you'd like for $375 - equal to our top-shelf ounce price. 

What are the requirements of becoming a member of the cannabis club? 

There are two required documents for becoming a Bloom Room Collective member:
 -Doctor's recommendation for medical cannabis.
 -Proof of California residency (State ID/Driver’s License, residency affidavit, utility bill, or rental lease) 
 Once we have the proper documents getting signed up is easy, and new members to the Collective get a Free Gift.
 Click here to download the Membership agreement

How do I become a medical cannabis patient?

It’s very easy! Most people who think they qualify for medical cannabis do! There are several medical cannabis evaluation centers nearby, who can write you a yearlong recommendation for medical cannabis. Once you have a recommendation for medical cannabis and a California ID (or proof of residency), you can legally use cannabis in the state of California and visit its many cannabis dispensaries. Getting signed up is easy and new members to the Collective get a free gift.

Bloom Room has partnered with a local software engineers to offer a quick and simple solution to get your recommendation or renewal for medical cannabis. Heally will allow you quickly input your personal information into their HIPPA Compliant telemedicine platform and speak with a doctor directly through the website. No more long lines and excessive waiting times. Speak with a doctor and have your recommendation in minutes. 

The price is simple and straightforward with no hidden costs. Get your paper recommendation and your personalized cannabis card for $50 even.
Click here to get your recommendation for medical cannabis.

Do you accept out-of-state cannabis recommendations or prescriptions?

California law strictly prohibits us from accepting patients from out-of-state. Along with a recommendation for medical cannabis, we must also collect California Driver's License/ID or Proof of CA Residency (State ID/Driver’s License, residency affidavit, utility bill, rental lease) upon your first visit. 

Are you a doctor’s office?

Bloom Room is not a doctor’s office. There is very little association between doctor’s offices and dispensaries for obvious conflict of interest issues. Bloom Room acts like a pharmacy for medical cannabis patients who have a valid doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis. We have a world class selection of cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre rolls and tinctures available for purchase by legal cannabis patients. 

Is there a sign-up fee?

There are no fees for Bloom Room membership except for the cost of the medicine you purchase, however, there are some free benefits. Some of the benefits to membership include Free Massage, Free Chiropractic, Access to Free Product Samplings, Cooking with Cannabis Workshops, Compassion for Low Income Patients, and more -all available at our Dispensary location.

Why do I need to sign up?

Bloom Room is a medical cannabis cooperative. To buy or sell cannabis to the cooperative, you need to become a member of the cooperative. We have nearly 20K cooperative members and the sign up process is just a regular part of visiting dispensaries like ours. The cooperative membership of patients and our medical cannabis dispensary business  license are the two things that separate us from someone who is selling cannabis illegally.

What if I am interested in becoming a vendor?

The Bloom Room always welcomes new vendors. Since we are a Not for profit Collective we do require membership of all of our vendors. Once that is complete we can accept a sample of your medical cannabis product, and if we chose to offer your product our buyer will contact you.
Click here to download the Vendor Form.

What are your vending hours?

We do not have regular vending hours however, potential vendors are welcome to leave a sample of their product and fill out our vendor form, for consideration by our Buyer. If the Buyer is interested in offering your product at the Collective, you will be contacted via the information you left on the vendor form.